This Halloween, transform yourself into the Queen of Hearts

It isn’t very good to realize on Halloween that you haven’t prepared a costume. This dilemma can be solved with a quick and simple makeup look. Rachel can transform herself into Queen of Hearts with just a few products for an easy Halloween costume. To get this look, follow these steps.

You’ll need to conceal and apply foundation as usual. Cover your lips since you will be drawing in your lips later. You’ll need only three shadows to create this Halloween look. To make the base, apply a white or cream eyeshadow such as Jane Iredale Purified Eye Shadow all over the lid. Blend a red eyeshadow or blush, such as Youngblood Pressed Mineral Blush, into the crease and just above it. Finish by applying a dark brown shade, such as Jane Iredale Purified Eye Shadow Espresso, to the outer V. Blend the three shades using a fluffy brush. This will remove any harsh lines.

To line the upper lashline, use your favorite liquid black liner. Rachel uses Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner Black. Make a dramatic cat eye by removing the wing. Apply a black coat of mascara to the eyelids.

Create a heart-shaped liner on your lips. Create the heart shape using Youngblood lipliner pencil Truly Red by slightly exaggerating your cupid’s arrow and then bringing color to the center bottom lip. The outer edges of both the top and bottom lip should be left untouched. Fill in the shape using bright red lipstick. Rachel uses GloLip stick Vixen.

Create hearts with your blush on the cheeks to take a look up a notch. Hold the heart stencil on your apples of cheeks. Fill in the heart using the same powder blush you used before and a large fluffy brush. The heart stencil will be revealed when you remove the stencil.

What do you think about Rachel’s style? Comment below!