Easy Mermaid Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

One more Halloween tutorial to finish our easy makeup week…a mythical Mermaid! Felisha demonstrates how to create this look with makeup from LovelySkin and an item that you might not expect.

Start by using a piece of stocking to create scales on your forehead, temples, and cheekbones. Fishnets, or any hosiery with small holes, are ideal. Cut a band of five to six inches wide from one leg and wrap it around your hair. To adjust the pattern size, you can stretch the tights to the desired tension.

Next, choose Jane-Iredale PurePressed eye shadow, shade Magic. This is a teal with a hint of shimmer. You can use a fluffy face brush, foundation brush, or any other brush to dust the eyeshadow on the tights. This will create a scale pattern. Use the same brush to apply Jane-Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow, shade Violet Eyes. The shimmery violet will give the pattern dimension and depth by creating a gradient. The intensity of the colors can be adjusted to suit your taste. Just make sure you don’t move the stocking around too much, as this may smudge them.

Remove the stocking band once you are satisfied with your results. Use a kabuki brush, such as the Jane Iredale Kabuki Brush and Jane Iredale 24-K Gold Dust Mini, to dust over the scales lightly. The gold will make them look more vibrant and catch the light.

Next, you will move on to the eyebrows. Use Magic on your angled liner to fill in the eyebrows. Build up the color with Magic until you have a vibrant wash of pigment. Use Magic on your entire eyelid. Apply it in the crease, and then smudge it along your lower lash line. Violet Eyes can be used to blend the teal with Violet Eyes. Smudge the purple color along your lower lash line. You can use a liquid black eyeliner like Youthblood Eye-Mazing Liner Pen to define the upper lash line. Flick the line in the outer corners for a feminine, cat-eye look. Give your lashes flirty volume and length with Outrageous Lashes mineral Lengthening Maskcara.

You’ll also need to add a coral lip color to complete your look. Felisha uses the Youngblood Lipstick shade Delicious. You can create a wig or a messy braid by visiting your local costume store.