Make yourself look more awake and refreshed with these makeup tips

Some nights, it is just not possible to sleep the eight hours recommended. You may notice signs the morning after that you did not get enough sleep. Kristen will show you how to use makeup to make yourself look more awake.

Skin looks refreshed when using products that are dewy and illuminated. When you lack sleep, start with a hydrating product like a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream. Kristen uses Mirabella Cream. After applying your base, treat dark circles using an illuminating under-eye concealer like Jane Iredale’s active light under-eye concealer. Use the concealer upside down in a triangle shape to lift the eye area and brighten it.

You can tell if you haven’t slept by the look of your eyes. The key is to make them wider and brighter. Use a shimmery light shadow, such as Jane Iredale Purified Eye Shadow Oyster, in the inner corner of your eye and under the brow bone. Use a white pencil or a nude pencil to open up the eyes even more. Kristen uses GloPrecision Eye Pencil Peach. To make your eyes look more open, apply a lengthening mascara like Outrageous Lash Mineral Lengthening Mascara.

Light pink blushes give your complexion a natural flush, making you appear more youthful and vibrant. Kristen applies Youngblood Mineral Blush Blossom on the apples of her cheeks, sweeping it upwards towards her temples.

Kristen finishes the look by applying a glossy gloss in a light shade that reflects light and creates a vibrant appearance. She uses GloGloss Lily in a light shade of pink that hydrates the lips and makes them softer.