Beauty Tips for a Better Makeup Routine

We love a good beauty tip here at LovelySkin. We sat down recently to create a list of hacks we use daily and can’t do without. We hope that these seven tips will help you to streamline your makeup routine.

Check Your Makeup Under Different Lighting

The right lighting will enhance your makeup by highlighting all the right areas. Wrong lighting can create shadows and highlight uneven makeup. If you apply makeup in the bathroom or bedroom and it looks good, how will it look outside? What about under the fluorescent lights at your office?

Make it a habit to check your makeup in different lights. Take a look in the car mirror before starting up your engine, or step outside to use a hand-held mirror. You can check the results of your application by using your smartphone’s flashlight. Shine brighter light onto your face to find areas that need more coverage, color, or blending.

Mark Your Cat-Eye Ends with a Dot

The mastery of cat-eye eyeliner marks a major milestone in makeup. To get the lines to be even in thickness and length, it takes practice and patience. You can get the perfect size with this hack: Instead of flicking out the line on each eye, after lining up your entire lashline, make a tiny mark where you want the line to end. You won’t need to guess when trying to find the right angle for each eye. If you make a mistake, a dot is much easier to clean up than a line. Line your lashline as usual, then make a dot. Connect it to the rest of your eyes.

White Eyeliner makes bold eyeshadow pop.

You can experiment with different looks by using eyeshadows in bright colors like blue, green, and purple. No matter how pigmented the eyeshadow is, it may not look very interesting on your lids.

Try applying white eyeliner as a base to your lids. This will instantly brighten and enhance any shade. It will also serve as a primer, keeping the color in place throughout the day. We love the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil White. Bonus tip: The same principle applies to nail colors. Try using a white base coat for your favorite polish.

Use translucent powder to set lip color.

This hack will help you achieve lip color that lasts throughout the day. Grab a tissue after you have applied your lipstick. If the tissue is too thick, you may need to separate the layers. Pick up a translucent loose setting powder or finishing powder like Thermablend Loose Setting Powder and a fluffy toothbrush. Dust the powder over the tissue and hold it over your lips. You will receive the exact amount of product you need to lock in your color.

Applying translucent powder to any glossy lipstick will also matte it. You can also apply powder to your lips without using a tissue. It will absorb the shine in minutes and give you a matte look.

Concealer in Triangle Shape

It’s not enough to place concealer in half-moons under your eyes. You’ll want to conceal and highlight the area under your eyes to diffuse discoloration and bring it to life.

Apply your concealer to the entire area under your eyes in triangles. This will make your face look more energized and lifted and reduce dark circles and puffiness. GloCamouflage Oil Free is one of our favorites. You can also prime the under-eye area by using a hydrating cream like Neocutis Lumiere Eye Cream with PSP.

Use the handle of a brush to guide your contour.

Placement is crucial when it comes to contouring. You’ll want to diffuse your color below the cheekbones in order to sculpt them and hollow them out. Use the handle of a large makeup brush or eyeliner to help you contour your face. You can roll it back and forward until you reach the area under your cheekbone. Line it up with your corner of the mouth. You can trace the contour brush with a cream-based highlighter stick after you have found the ideal position.

Add Moisturizer To Foundation Too Dark

We’ve all made the mistake of ordering the wrong makeup color online or discovering that the foundation we thought was perfect in the store didn’t work as well at home. Self-tanner is also a product that some of us only use in the spring and summer.

This simple trick will save you from having to return or throw away makeup that is not the right color. In an empty palette or on your palm, mix a small amount of foundation and moisturizer. Adjust the mixture according to your preferences. Combining a pea-sized amount of moisturizer with a quarter of a foundation creates a medium-to-full coverage foundation that is slightly lighter. Equal parts of the two will produce a BB Cream. You can create a tinted moisturizing cream by mixing your normal amount of moisturizer with a small drop of foundation.