Hair Curler Wand

She has helped you get ready for school, work and night outs, and seen both your good and bad days. You may have been burned once or twice, but she never meant to hurt you. Now it’s time for her to take a break.

Your hair curler is what we’re referring to. It may be time for you to upgrade if you have been with your hair curler longer than any of your other relationships.

There are many curling irons on the market. They help create different looks and curls. You don’t need to have multiple curlers for other occasions.

In 1959, the first electric hair curler was invented. Before that, metal tongs, similar to cooking tongs, were heated and hair was wrapped around them.

We have come a long way since then. Hair curlers can be made in many different sizes (bubble, barrel, or lengths), and materials. There is a curler to suit any style. You can also use hair straighteners to achieve curls and waves with the proper technique.

Let’s look at the obvious reasons you should get a new hair curler if you are still deciding.

You may need to change your hair care routine. Are your hair breaking down or drying out more? Your hair may have been damaged by styling at high temperatures. A tool that is more heat-sensitive may be able to achieve curls. Your curler might need to pay off consistently, which could lead to uneven curls or longer styling times.

It’s easy to forget to turn off your hair curler. What could be worse than going out for dinner or to work and forgetting to turn off your curler. It’s enough to fry your hair just trying to remember.

Your curler will only work with your hair length. You may have purchased a size that was suitable for your old hairstyle or cut, but now it is more challenging to style with. You may also have a shaped curler, like a bubble wand. However, you find that your styling techniques or taste in curls has changed and you now need a barrel curler.

It’s time to stop wreaking havoc on your hands with the hair curler. Even if you try to be very careful, it is easy to burn your fingers or hands with traditional or older-school hair curlers. Are you looking for a better method to heat style your hair? There is.

A hair curler is necessary for both your natural hair and your extensions. Some hair curlers are too hot for natural hair and others have heat settings that are not suitable for hair extensions. You need a curler that works for both short hair and long hair .

It’s not hard to see why we love big, curly curls. Even our trademark Luxy Waves has a tutorial that shows you how to get them. We wanted to make a curler that would work for all hair types, but we also wanted one that was specifically designed for hair extensionsThe Luxy Hair Signature curler may be just what you need.

The Luxy Hair Signature Curler has a 1″ barrel. However, its length of 7.2 inches makes it stand out from other 1″ hair curlers. This is nearly 2 times longer than the average barrel length for a curling wand. This wand is ideal for creating our Signature Luxy Waves. It works well with long hair or extensions. You can wrap long hair with ease using the extended barrel.

The Luxy Hair Signature Curler uses a mixed tourmaline-ceramic coating that evenly distributes heat. This particular material mixture helps reduce hair breakage, damage, frizz, and enhances shine. The wand was designed with you in mind. It has an excellent touch tip so your fingers don’t burn. A safety stand allows the curler to rest on the table and does not touch any surface or table. The curler also includes a styling glove for extra protection.

The automatic shutoff is our favorite safety feature. Luxy Hair Signature curlers have an automatic shutoff feature that lasts for 1 hour. This means you don’t need to worry about turning it off after leaving the house.