Kevin Murphy Hair Products

With KEVIN. MURPHY’s revolutionary new, weightless leave-in treatment oil, YOUNG.AGAIN, dry and damaged hair is now a thing of past

Hair coloring, straightening, and blow drying are all essential contributors to hair aging. This will lead to brittle hair cells.

Young. Again is infused with antioxidant-rich Immortelle, Bur Oil, and Grape Seed extracts. It works to reverse the hair’s aging process due to heat and chemical damage and restore strength, elasticity, and shine.

Immortelle, also known as the “elixir for the gods,” is a Helichrysum flower product. It has been recognized for its anti-aging and medicinal properties since ancient times. Its remarkable healing and regeneration properties have earned it a reputation that it has endured.

It is more of a serum, and it comes out oily-looking. However, when I tried it on my hands to feel the product, it was silky and beautiful. Then, I realized I only needed a small amount of the product to make my hair look great. This product caught my attention because of its fantastic smell. The treatment has a clean, sweet scent that reminds me of a hair treatment I used to get from my hairdresser. However, it has been discontinued. It didn’t alter the appearance of my hair, so I only got it because of how it smelled.

BUT, YOUNG.AGAIN is different. I tried this product on my hair, making it look shiny and healthy. This product should be used on the ends of the hair, as it can weigh down the roots and make them look oily. Applying this product to damp hair was much more effective than to dry hair. I had gotten too excited about this product and used it straight to my hair. It did make my hair oily, so I was forced to wash it that night.

This product works as an anti-aging serum for your hair. The product can take years to straighten my hair, and even if it doesn’t repair my hair, it sure covers up.

Kevin Murphy considers hair his ultimate weapon. Hair can make or break an image, or leave a lasting impression, for any reason.

Kevin Murphy traveled to Asia, India, and the Pacific Islands to pursue the best essential oils. He discovered Lime from West Indies and Pacific Island gems like Niaouli and Papaya, Kelp and Pink Grapefruit, White Camphor, and Bergamot Mint.

These products set new standards in hair care and will improve how you manage one of your most important weapons, your hair.

STAYING.ALIVE can be used as a leave-in or detangler and an herbal infusion. It comes in a handy spray pump and contains honey and extracts from Ivy, Burdock, and Iceland Moss. The spray’s unique scent is attributed to the essential oil of Black Pepper. STAYING.ALIVE is a weightless, invisible hair spray that repairs hair to the point it can be washed off. Spray onto your hair and let it sit for 5-10 seconds before combing.

For me, this product is like a defibrillator. It brings life back to my hair. This is the first Kevin Murphy product that I wouldn’t say I liked the smell of. This is probably due to all the exotic ingredients in this product. Then again, I thought about what I would prefer: a product that works and doesn’t bother about the smell or a fantastic product that does nothing. It is one of those scents that you either love or hate. It was so mild that I didn’t need conditioner or shampoo. My hair was smooth and easy to brush through. I also noticed that my knots weren’t fighting as much. Spraying this product on your hands is also possible. It doesn’t leave hair oily; you won’t know you did. This product is always with me when I travel, especially for camping. It is a beautiful product that I love!!