dior lip oil

Since I first tried Dior Lip Glows in 2017, my love for them has been constant. The Dior Lip Glow Oils were added to their line at the end of last year. Being a Dior Lip Glow addict myself, I ordered two to see if they could live up to the high standards set by the original.


These are small plastic tubes with a screw-on lid. The Clarins doe foot applicator is significant, similar to those used for applying lip oils. The applicator is large enough that I don’t need to dip it back into the tube for more product, and it doesn’t get so messy/sloppy that it becomes messy/sloppy.


It is very light. It has a slight vanilla-mint scent, but it is manageable. It has the same scent as the original Lip glows.


There are six permanent shades and two limited editions newer shades. The endless shades are creamy and sheer, while the limited edition shades are shimmery. Two dyes were purchased by me: raspberry and rosewood. Rosewood is a warm shade of brown, while raspberry is light pink.

Because I have darker lips, sheer products are only sometimes a good fit for me. The two shades that I bought look very similar to my lips. These shades are less pigmented than the original Lip glows.


It is not too thick or sticky and feels almost like a gloss. It feels dense than vaseline or lip balm. My lips don’t stick together when I smack them. Some claim their lips feel rubbery, but I have not experienced this.

Side note: These lip oils are a product of beauty companies. Lip gloss is a synonym for thicker and more sticky lips. They are trying to avoid the stigma associated with lip glosses by calling them lip oil. It may also be a marketing ploy to get us to buy more lip glosses.

What Do They Wear?

They are durable and friendly! These can be worn for a few hours, even if I don’t eat or drink anything. They only disappear slowly, even if I eat or drink. Even after a cup, my lips remain moisturized and nourished. These oils provide long-lasting moisture, which is great for my lips, that has been dry recently. It doesn’t cling to my lips or emphasize lines or cracks.

Lip Glows by DiorLet’s ask the ultimate question: How do they compare to Dior Lip Glow? These are good but better than the original Lip Glows. For several reasons, I prefer the original Lip Glows. They are thinner, but they still deliver long-lasting moisture. They have a stronger tint and leave a stain when they wear off. Lip oils are lighter in color. The shades of the lip oils on my lips are not as noticeable because I have darker lips. The stick-form original Lip Glows means I can easily layer them over other products. The Lip Glow Oils come in a wand, and they are liquid. I’m cautious about spreading it over lipstick.

Kosas Wet Lip Oil Glosses, Clarins Lip Comfort Oils, & Lilah B Tinted Lip Oils

They are more appealing than the Kosas Lip Glosses, which have a tiny applicator and don’t last as long. These are comparable to the Clarins Comfort Oils. However, the Dior ones are slightly more sticky. The Clarins ones have also gone bad at around six months. We’ll see how long the Dior ones last. Let’s compare them with the Lilah B Tinted lip oils. The Lilah B ones are certainly more pigmented. You can build them up to full coverage. They are also thicker and may be messy to apply. They are long-lasting comfort that lasts through the day, even after meals.