Clarins Lip Oil

I had the privilege of trying out all the new shades of lip oils recently to write this review. Now I will answer all your questions about Clarins Comfort Lip oil (previously called ‘Instant Light’). I was hoping you could continue reading to see my complete Clarins Lip Oil Review…

The most important thing about Clarins lip oil is…

Choosing one of the essential things about Clarins lip oil is complicated. However, it has been reformulated for 2022 and comes in eight new shades. This is five years after the original Clarins Lip Oil was released.

However, I am hoping you can indulge me and let me share some more information. The lip-plumping oils result from Clarins’ experience in essential oils, which they have used for over 65 years. They give your lips a stunningly glossy, high-shine finish while adding sheer tinted color and a variety of skincare benefits. What does the Lip Comfort Oil do for your skin? Each oil has the following benefits:

Hydration for 6 hours

Six hours of nutrition

Protection for 8 hours

What do the people who tried it first think?

95% of respondents said that their lips were ultra-glossy.

93% of respondents said it improved their lips’ natural color.

98% of those who tried it said they found their lips soft and beautiful.

How does it look on?

We are now at the most crucial part. What does Clarins Lip Oil look like? Each shade is a mirror-like, high-shine color, creating a more ‘wet lips’ effect. It does not look shiny or glittery. Because the oils are glossy, they reflect light beautifully and visually plump up your lips.

The best thing about Clarins Lip Oils is the pH-reactive nature of five shades (03-Cherry, 04-Pitaya and 05-Apricot, 05-Strawberry, 05-Apricot, 05-Strawberry, 05-Pitaya, 05-Pitaya, 05-Apricot, 08-Strawberry, 10 – Plum) which contain intelligent pigments that react to contact with your lips. The shades can be customized to suit your skin, no matter what shade you choose.

You should also be aware that oils can appear very intense in color before they are applied, but once they are, you will notice a subtler sheer look. Every single shade would be my personal choice, even the chocolate. These shades can be quickly built up; you can apply a small amount and blend it with your fingertip for a subtler look.

You might also be curious about how long Clarins Lip Oil can last. The amount of oil you use will have an impact on the longevity of the product. It will last for two to three hours if you only apply one layer. If you do, however, the subtle stain will remain on your lips for about an hour.

Which Skin Type is It for?

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil works best for combination, oily, and normal skin types. Dehydrated lips will especially love its ultra-hydrating formula.

This is what you will love if…

Did you love the original Clarins lip comfort oil? I am sure you will love the new version. These oils are now more nourishing and feel lighter on the lips.

Are you interested in learning more about the differences between old and new and improved oil? Check out my dedicated edit to learn more:

Hero Ingredients:

As I have come to expect from Clarins’ makeup launches, the Lip Comfort Oil is more than just a cosmetic product. It also cares for your skin. The tinted lipstick oil’s formula contains 98% ingredients that are deemed to be skincare. This deeply hydrating oil is made with 93% natural ingredients. The remaining 7% is used to create a beautiful makeup look and luxurious texture.

The three main ingredients of a lip oil are a trio organic natural oils. The 2022 edition includes organic sweetbriar rose oils, rich in omega 6 & omega 3 and providing comfort and nutrition for your lips while strengthening your skin barrier function. Golden oldie active organic jojoba and organic jojoba oils nourish your lips and create a sensorial texture. Hazelnut oil helps protect your pout from drying. After two weeks, the oil will leave your lips feeling soft, smooth, and supple.

How does Clarins’ lip oil feel?

Clarins 2022 formula retains its sensorial qualities but has a lighter texture and is less sticky than its predecessor. The big question is, is Clarins Lip Oil too sticky? This oil feels more like a luxurious lip balm or oil than the tacky lipsticks we used to use in years past. The nourishing texture of these oils leaves your lips soft, supple, and moisturized even after any visible trace of the lip balm has gone. I have also been amazed at how fast my dry cracked lips have healed since using them.

What does it smell like?

Each lip oil has a delicate, sweet-smelling scent that reminds you of candied sweets. What is the best part? After you apply the scent, you get wafts.

What is Special about the Design?

The lip oils are packaged in clear, smooth tubes that let you see the formulas inside. They have a chic look with a silver strip adorned with Clarins’ logo. The ultra-precise cushioning application tool is also worth mentioning. It glides across the lips with one stroke, giving instant colour and shine.

What is Clarins Lip Oil?

Depending on your desired results, you can use Clarins Lip Comfort oil in three different ways. You can use them as a standalone product to add colour and protection. Or you can layer them on top of your lipstick to make it more noticeable. The Honey Lip Comfort Oil doubles as a moisturizing overnight treatment for your lips. You will feel soft and nourished when you wake up.

Learn More About Lip Oil

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