What Face Shape Should You Contour

We’re going to show you this week how to contour any face shape. This will go well with the lesson last week on How to Apply Highlighter. It is used in conjunction with highlighting techniques. Contouring involves deepening the skin’s surface to create a shade and highlight what is adjacent to it. Highlights are applied where you want the attention, and contouring is done on the areas that you don’t want the focus to be. Blending, contouring, and highlighting will give you a natural-looking look.

How to contour your face

Use a concealer, foundation, or bronzer that is one shade darker than the skin tone you are using to create a contour. Matte products absorb more light and create shadows. They are better than shimmery products that reflect light. Remember that products with pink undertones are best for cool skin tones, and effects with yellow undertones work best for warm skin tones. Here are the jane-iredale contouring products that we use:

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundations that are a shade or darker than the skin tone.

So-Bronze Bronzing Powder.

The GreatShape Contour Kit contains the contour shade, highlighter, and blush shade all in one palette.

Face Contouring Guides for Every Face Shape

The goal of contouring and highlighting is to create an oval face. This is considered the perfect face shape. You can change the look of your face by using the techniques below. This includes shortening or slenderizing your jawline, rounding off a square-shaped hairline, or emphasizing cheekbones. You will need to understand your face shape before you can apply makeup. This way, you’ll know which features to highlight and where to contour.

Find your face shape.

Stand in front of the mirror with your hair back. You can use lipstick, but soap will be easier to remove. Compare the outline to the descriptions of the nine different face shapes below.