How to Make the Best Bubble Bath Ever

We believe that a luxurious bath can relieve stress. A relaxing soak can help soothe muscles, calm nerves, and improve mood. Follow these simple steps to enjoy the best bubble bathtub ever.

Choose your favorite bubble bath product. Choose a scent to match your preferences:

Heading to bed? This Olivella bath & shower gel contains lavender.

Wake yourself up: The bliss Blood Orange+ White Pepper Soapy Suds has a light but vibrant scent.

After a hard workout, Sore muscles and aching muscles can be soothed with this Elemis Muscle Soak. This is also the perfect luxury bath for athletes or those with arthritis.

A real body treatment: Essential oils found in the Dermalogica Body Wash clear acne, remove impurities and revitalize dull skin.

Many people enjoy adding bath salts, powders, and essential oils to their bubble baths. Browse our complete list of luxurious bath and body products.

Set the mood once you’ve chosen your favorite bubble bath product. Dim the lights or use a soothing Candle. Fill your tub with warm, soothing water. Water between 96 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. You may feel anxious if the water is too hot. Playing relaxing music and soft sounds can create a spa-like atmosphere. However, make sure your MP3 player, radio, or CD is at a safe distance. Set out your cozy PJs and bathrobes so that you won’t need to search for them when you get out of the tub.

It’s as simple as hopping in the bath, relaxing on a bath towel, and letting the bath salts, essential oils, and beautiful bubbles do their work. Pour yourself a glass or two of wine to really relax and enjoy the experience. It’s time for you to get out of the bath after about 15-20 minutes. A longer soak in warm water can cause your skin to become dry. Apply your favorite moisturizer or body lotion after blotting yourself dry. Now you should feel relaxed, refreshed, and more content.