Dermablend: a solution for compromised skin

Skin has a specific function, and that is to protect our bodies from the external environment. The skin barrier is continually under attack from potentially harmful assaults, both inside and outside.

Dr. Jeanne Eyde, a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon at Grand Rapids’ Grand Pearl Spa of Plastic Surgery Associates in Michigan, explains how the skin barrier is connected to compromised skin. She shares her dermablend makeup suggestions to help relieve the symptoms of compromised or damaged skin.

What is compromised skin?

What are the signs of skin infection?

What ingredients in skin care help to improve skin?

How do I use Dermablend to treat skin that is compromised

What does compromised skin mean?

Skin care and lifestyle habits also affect the skin barrier, according to Dr. Eyde. She says that over-washing, excessive exfoliation, stress, and lack of sleep are all factors in a compromised barrier. Professional resurfacing treatments such as lasers and chemical peels can also temporarily compromise the wall of the skin.

What are the signs of compromised skin?

A variety of symptoms can detect skin compromise. Dr. Eyde explains that compromised skin can appear and feel inflamed. Dryness, tightness, acne, and itchy skin can all be signs of a compromised moisture barrier.

What ingredients in skin care products help to treat compromised skin?

Skin care products that reinforce the skin barrier and are formulated to:


Essential Fatty Acids


Dr. Eyde explains that “happy, healthy-looking and glowing skin depends on ingredients that restore hydration to the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss.” Ingredients that support the skin’s ability to retain water include:

Hyaluronic Acid



Dr. Eyde explains that hydration is key to restoring a compromised skin barrier. Dr. Eyde says that hydration will help restore a compromised barrier. She recommends using a gentle cleanser and a daily moisturizing cream. Protecting the skin against harmful sun exposure is also important. Look for sunscreen and makeup that provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

How to use Dermablend for compromised skin

What are the makeup options for people with compromised skin? Dermablend offers a wide range of options, says Dr. Eyde. “Dermablend’s Flawless Creator is my go-to product for skin that has been compromised.” It contains only nine ingredients and high-performance pigments. It is also allergy and sensitive skin tested. It offers weightless coverage with a variety of shades that don’t worsen mild to severe skin conditions.

She also recommends The Dermablend Continuous Correct Tone-Evening CC Cream Foundation with SPF 50+ to help conceal visible imperfections while respecting and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. It also provides broad-spectrum UV coverage.

Dr. Eyde offers some pearls of advice for those who are dealing with compromised or damaged skin. Consult a skincare expert to achieve healthy, glowing skin. “The first step is to have a thorough skin assessment and a daily skin care routine that protects and nourishes the skin,” says Dr. Eyde. Dermablend’s buildable, non-comedogenic coverage, backed by the brand’s standards for skin security, will give you confidence in your beautiful skin.