Dermablend: 5 Tips for Applying It & How it Fits into Your Skin Care Routine

Dermablend is a brand that specializes in corrective cosmetics. Its concealers and foundations are formulated with dermatologist-tested formulations, and its pigments are high-performance. You may wonder how to use Dermablend in your daily routine, with so many products to choose from. Let’s look at some tips to help you achieve the best results when applying Dermablend.

Clean your face before you begin.

Start with your morning treatments.

Prime your skin using a primer.

Choose your Dermablend coverage

Set powder

Clean your face before you begin

Start by cleaning your face. Start your morning skin-care routine with a mild face wash, such as the SkinCeuticals Purifying cleanser gel. This cleanser can be used before applying Dermablend as it contains lactic acid, which helps exfoliate dry, dull skin. It also contains glycerin that leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Cleaning your face will help remove night creams and other overnight treatments that you may have applied. This gives you a new canvas for applying makeup.

Use your morning treatments first.

You should apply Dermablend before using any facial treatments. This will allow the products to penetrate deeper into your skin and provide maximum results. SkinCeuticals Vit C E Ferulic Serum is a combination of three antioxidants: 15% pure vitamin C, 0.5% ferulic acids, and 1% vitamin E. It works together to neutralize free radicals and brighten the skin.

Prime your skin using a primer.

Before applying Dermablend, you should prep your skin by using a makeup primer. Dermablend offers two primers: the water-based Dermablend Instant-Grip Jelly Primer and the silicone-based Dermablend Matte Makeup Primer. You can apply your Dermablend product of choice after applying the primer.

For drier skin, you may want to try Insta-Grip Jelly Primer. This product has three functions: it primes the skin for makeup application, adds moisture, and acts as a tightening masque, making your skin appear smoother and tighter.

If you have problems with shine and visible pores, then choose Dermablend’s Poresaver matte makeup primer. This primer minimizes pores, controls oil, and mattifies the skin.

Choose your Dermablend coverage.

How to apply Dermablend will depend on the coverage of your product. If you want a medium range that boosts your skin’s radiance, try Dermablend CC Cream Foundation Tone-Evening SPF 50. This liquid foundation improves the appearance of age spots, redness, and discoloration while protecting your skin with SPF 50. It contains a blend (10% homosalate, 4.9% octisalate, and 4% octocrylene). You can apply this Dermablend liquid foundation with a foundation sponge or brush or even your fingers. Blend from the middle of your face to the edges.