What are the best questions to ask about your face shape?

Face shape influences everything, from the next haircut to how you contour. We’ve created three questions to make it easier to determine your face shape. Then, you can choose hairstyles and beauty products that suit your face.

What is the largest part of your face?

Heart-shaped forehead: If you have a wider forehead than your cheeks or jawline and your cheeks are narrower, then your forehead will be heart-shaped.

Wide cheekbones characterize a diamond face shape. This face shape has a jawline and forehead that are roughly equal in width.

If your jawline is the widest area of the face, you have a pear-shaped look.

You have an equal face: If the distance between your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline is approximately the same, you could have a round, square, or oval-shaped look. To determine the shape of your face, answer these questions.

What is the shape and size of your jaws?

Rounded: A round or oval shape is a face with a slightly rounded jaw. Answers are given in the last question.

Flat: A strong, square jaw is indicative of a face with rounded corners. The angle of your chin will still be a point, but it may be more gradual.

If your chin is a distinct point, you have a heart-shaped facial shape.

How long is your face?

Draw an imaginary line from the ear below your eyes to the chin. Draw another imaginary vertical line from your top forehead, through your nose, and down to your chin. This will create the shape of a cross.

Short: A round face is a ratio where the width of your cross appears to be equal to its length.

You have a normal face length if your ratio of face length to face width is 1 to 1. This means that your face is wider than it is long. Your face is likely to be square-shaped.

Oval: Your face is oval if it is long and wide.

You can now apply makeup according to your face shape. Glo Minerals Contour Kit contours your face to highlight its best features. This kit includes four powder shades that will enhance your facial contours. These formulas can be blended and built up for a subtle look or a dramatic one.

Highlight your face using the Balm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer. This fine powder glides smoothly over your skin, creating a silky texture. This formula contains silica particles that reflect light to give your face shape depth and definition. This LovelySkin tutorial will show you how to contour and highlight your features.