Useful Makeup Tips to Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

You have come to the right place if you are looking for ways to reduce the size of your forehead. Beauty products and makeup can enhance your appearance and define your natural features. You can also experiment with different looks with makeup and beauty products. If you are familiar with the right makeup tricks, you can make your lips look fuller and your eyebrows thicker. You can also sharpen your jawline by enhancing your jawline. A large forehead is an interesting and unique feature. This article will discuss simple but effective makeup techniques to make your forehead appear smaller.

How to make your forehead look smaller – Top 8 Makeup tips.

Here are some tricks to hide a large forehead.

Blush, A Hint

Bright blush colours can be used to draw attention to your forehead.

  1. Apply some peachy or rosy blush to your apples.
  2. For a slight lifting effect, lift the product.

You can also use it to create shimmery, glowing cheek products. This makes light reflect onto your cheeks, drawing attention to your centre.

Darker Foundation

This makeup trick is great for photos. Apply a darker foundation on the temples and hairline to create a more defined look.

  1. Make sure your hair is pulled back from your face for easy application and mixing of makeup.
  2. Next, choose a matte foundation or concealer that is five shades darker in colour than your natural complexion.
  3. Start by drawing a straight line around your forehead using a medium-sized flat or dome-shaped brush.
  4. Blending is key to any makeup look. Blending is an essential component to achieving a flawless face contour. Continue to blend the product until you have a seamless look.
  5. The contour should be natural and free from any harsh lines.
  6. To make it appear sharper and stronger, apply a bronzer.

This will improve the angles of your bones and reduce the appearance of roundness in your face.


Highlighting is a simple way to draw attention away from your large forehead.

  1. Apply a shimmery highlighter powder to the middle of your forehead, just between your eyebrows. Blend it outward.
  2. To lift your face, you can also use the highlighter on the bridge of the nose.

This will bring your features forward and reduce the width of your forehead.

Chiselled cheeks:

Thinner cheeks draw attention to your centre, drawing attention away from your forehead.

  1. Use a bronzer powder at least 3-4 shades darker than your skin.
  2. It should be applied diagonally from the middle of your cheek to the ear.

You can easily do this makeup technique by creating a “fish-face” and locating your hollow cheekbone. Then, brush the product. Blend!


Use a bronzer to make your forehead look shorter instantly. To make the effect visible, a bronzer must be matte and at least three shades darker than your skin’s natural colour.

Use a blush brush to apply the bronzer to your temples and hairline. This will help to strengthen your bone structure. It makes your large forehead look smaller.

Dramatic eyes:

Make sure your eyes are well-done so the attention is drawn to your forehead and not your eyes. Your eye makeup can instantly improve your face shape.

Play your lips:

You can instantly give your face a lift with just a few clicks. The best tip is to show off your lips.

You will immediately notice the focus shifting to your lips when you apply coral or bright pink lipstick. This will draw attention away from your large forehead. Keep the rest of your makeup simple.

Select the Right Eyebrow Shape

Your eyebrows can help you achieve a thinner, more youthful look for yourself. They can frame your face. You can make your forehead look shorter by changing the shape of your eyebrows to an angular shape.

We hope you found this article helpful in answering the question, “How to make my forehead appear smaller?” People with large foreheads find it difficult to appear smaller. They try many things to reduce their size with makeup. We have all the information you need, so let’s get started. Don’t be discouraged if your goal is not achieved immediately. It takes practice to master makeup. You will master it with a few trials.