While natural makeup looks are fashionable, what are the top 10 most popular for 2023? Continue reading to see the TOP-10 natural makeup looks, and learn how to apply makeup naturally.

These Natural Makeup Looks are Flawless

You may need to realize how versatile and beautiful natural makeup looks can be. Learn how to create easy everyday natural makeup looks, and simple party makeup looks. These tips will help you instantly refresh your face and make it trendy.

Amazing Natural Makeup Looks

Makeup for “Clean Girl.”

This trend is all about soft, natural makeup. It’s simple but elegant. Bloggers wear it with slicked-back hair and hoop earrings to create a polished look.

How to create the look

This nude makeup look requires you to apply your foundation, concealer, and touch-ups with pink blush and highlighter. Apply neutral eyeshadows and gloss to your eyebrows. For dramatic effects, use Lakme Eyeconic curling mascara with a curled brush.

Accent on the Eyebrows

Is there another trend in natural makeup for Indian girls? The natural-looking eyebrow makeup is when you focus on your brows and eyes, but leave all makeup neutral.

Tips for creating the look

This flawless makeup look can be created on the go. Apply your foundation, blush, and contour, then brush your eyebrows upwards. Fill in any gaps with pencils if necessary. Apply a wing liner, neutral eyeshadows, mascara, and pink lip gloss.

Angelic Makeup

This natural eye makeup look, inspired by trends will make you appear like an angel. It’s subtle and delicate like many Korean natural makeup looks. There is a lot of blush, gloss, and a flawless base.

Tips for creating the look

Make a smooth foundation base, then add blush to your cheeks, nose tip and eyelids. Finally, highlight your face with highlighter. Apply shiny eyeshadows to your upper and lower eyes, then draw a soft wing with your mascara. We recommend Lakme Absolute Lip Gloss to give your lips a beautiful gel-shine effect and non-sticky finish.

Sunkissed Look

Sunkissed natural makeup for brunettes and blondes works like Insta filters on your skin. It warms it up, refreshes it, and gives it a glow. It is easy to imitate the post-vacation skin in just a few steps.

Tips for creating the look

Here’s your natural, sunkissed Indian makeup tutorial: Apply dewy foundation, concealer, eyebrows, and mascara. After that, you can use the Lakme Absolute Facial Palette which includes a buildable blush, soft highlighter, and nourishing bronzer. You’re done!

Soft and matte nude look

A matte natural makeup look with eyeshadow, contour, and foundation in neutral colors can be used for almost any occasion. It is also suitable for oily skin types.

Tips for creating the look

How do you use natural makeup in matte textures? Apply a matte foundation and concealer to your skin. Next, contour your face using darker powder and blush. Finally, apply neutral matte eyeshadows. Blend all ingredients well. Brush your eyebrows and apply a bit of mascara.

Dewy Natural Look

The opposite trend is natural makeup celebrity looks with glowing skin and a dewy complexion. Natural dewy makeup looks radiant and youthful and smoothens skin.

Tips for creating the look

This Korean makeup tutorial inspired natural look can be achieved by moisturizing your skin with a rich, nourishing foundation such as Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation. Apply all glowing liquid-textured products, including eyeshadows, contour, blush, and highlighter.

Blush Fresh Makeup

Blush is a makeup term that refers to a youthful, well-rested appearance. This makeup can be used to rejuvenate your skin while keeping it natural. This look can be achieved quickly and easily.

Tips for creating the look

Step by step how to achieve a natural makeup look Apply a light foundation and a lot pink blush to your cheekbones, cheekbones. Apply mascara, highlighter, and winged eyeliner to your eyebrows.

Makeup for “Cold Girl”.

This natural makeup look is also trendy. You might feel like you’re getting cold with frosty blushing cheeks and cool highlighter shades on your eyes. This is complemented by pink glossy lips and pink glossy lips. It’s so simple and refreshing!

Tips for creating the look

This natural look requires you to make a flawless foundation with your primer, concealer, and foundation. Apply a soft blend wing to your eyebrows. Next, apply a bright pink blush to your cheeks and nose. Remember a lip gloss! To achieve that shimmery glow, you will need a frosty highlighter, such as Lakme Absolute Lip Gloss. Apply it to your inner and outer eye corners.

Natural Lifting Makeup

This natural makeup look is popular for people over 30 and 40. It helps you look younger. There are no complicated makeup tricks or plastic surgery required.

Tips for creating the look

After applying your foundation, slightly contour your face with a lighter concealer. Follow the basic rule of contouring your face with a more lightweight concealer. You can use Lakme 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid CONCELER with a built-in primer, smooth base, and natural matte finish. Blend all ingredients to create a natural-looking foundation. Apply your blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadows using the same contour lines. Make sure to brush your eyebrows and apply mascara.

Look for No-makeup Makeup

“I woke awake like this” Beautiful natural makeup looks are something every girl should be able to do. We all know the difference between applying makeup and not using makeup.

Tips for creating the look

It’s easy to bring out your best features, hide any imperfections and use minimal makeup. Discover how to create an invisible, refreshing makeup look without any makeup.

Q1 How can I create natural bridal makeup looks

The natural wedding makeup look is elegant and beautiful, yet it’s simple and elegant. They also look great in photos. You can make it yourself by following the tutorial on natural wedding makeup.

Q2 What natural makeup look do you use for brown skin?

It is strongly recommended that you choose the correct foundation shade and undertone. You can also use blush, bronzer, highlighter, and blush. It’s possible to look natural by sticking with darker, bolder colors than for girls with pale skin.

Q3 Natural beauty without makeup:

You don’t have to wear makeup all the time to look natural. Let’s face it, there are times when you don’t feel like applying layers to your skin. We have the skincare section for you if you want to learn how to look natural and cute without makeup!