Toner For Blonde Hair

In keeping my shining blonde post, I shared some blue-based hair toning products and explained why. But diving deeper into the reasons, how, and who should tone their hair might be helpful.

Semi-permanent hair colors like Redken Shades Eq can be used to tone the hair. This will add warmth, coolness, or “tone.” Semi-permanent stains can’t be lightened, so toning is limited to changing the color or heat.

You can use toning products at home (from shampoo to deep conditioning conditioners) to correct your hair’s color. They don’t usually come in various colors as they are designed to maintain the color you picked at the salon (assuming it is a color you like). Every product is different in terms of application and processing. Some products take only a few seconds, while others can take longer. Follow the instructions on any product that you purchase.

Toning products are most often found in purple. This is because blondes are the most demanding about their toning requirements. Toning products are made to correct or counteract unwanted color changes in blonde hair or virgin hair.

Toning products are available to add a little color to your hair, be it to enhance red hair or to add shine and warmth to a brunette hue.

To answer some common questions, let me explain the process and how it works.

One. Is it possible to tone your hair too much? Can it cause hair damage?

Two. If I have blonde hair, can I still use purple shampoo? Yes. But you would be happier using the Virtue De-Brassing Shampoo. Blue will cut down unwanted warmth in darker hair more effectively than purple.

Three. You can use toning shampoo for virgin hair (not colored).

Four. Toning can work on mature roots. It all depends on the product you use. Toning products can’t make you look lighter or brighter. A toning product might be an excellent option to correct the warmth at your roots.

Five. Five. To tone your hair at home, you won’t use the same products as for hair color. Instead, you will likely use a shampoo or conditioner.

Six. A toner can be used for brassy hair due to hard water. This is why I need to tone my hair frequently.

The color wheel shows that purple is the opposite of yellow. Therefore, purple products are used to cut out yellow hair. A blue toning product can counter brassy hair that is too warm.

Eight. Eight. This is a complicated question. Toner can’t be used to correct hair color that has been bleached or colored. If you want a bright, blonde look, your hair must be lightened to a certain degree. There is a chance that your hair has brassiness.

This should help you understand the process better. Toning should not be relied on. It is an optional, occasional extra step to control undesirable tones.