This techie toothbrush will enhance your life.

The Quip Smart electric toothbrush has improved my brushing technique. It is an innovative and technologically advanced product.

Quip is a toothbrush that connects with the Quip app on your smartphone. The app tells you every time you use this toothbrush how long you have brushed, how much you have spent brushing top and bottom teeth, and the intensity of your brushing. Before I began using the Quip brush, I didn’t know that there were standards that I should reach in each of these categories.

This product is also lightweight and sleek, which makes it easy to carry when traveling. This brush has a battery life of three months and is water-resistant. You can also earn Target gift cards for brushing your teeth. What could be more exciting?

Quip offers a $5 refill pack with an AAA battery and a brand-new brush head. You can choose from a variety of refill plans and add other great products, like their customized toothbrush and floss.

Quip toothbrushes are a great way to improve your brushing technique.

Have you ever tried the Quip toothbrush? What are your thoughts if you have?