The Best Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

For thick hair, medium-length haircuts work best. They’re not too long or too short and are just right in size. Sometimes, size is important.

It cannot be easy to style and maintain thick hair. A good hairstyle can make all the difference! You can feel weighed down if your thick hair gets too long. If your hair is too long, it can cause you to lose volume. It would help if you chose a medium-length cut. This is the ideal length.

Continue reading if you aren’t sure what hairstyle you want. Below is a selection of 50 stunning medium-length hairstyles that you can check out.

Gorgeous Medium-Length Hairstyles and Styles for Thick Hair

Classic Straight Blunt Cut

This is the right haircut for thick hair. The blunt ends will beautifully highlight your hair’s thickness. It’s my favourite haircut. This cut is easy to style in an updo.

The Bell Cut

Isn’t this hairstyle bell-shaped? This hairstyle is perfect for those who love a plain Jane look. This look is simple and chic. The ‘U’-cut at the ends adds an elegant flair.

Layers of golden brown

Layered cuts are my favourite. This enhances your hair’s volume and looks cool. Add a little bit of golden sheen to take your brunette hair to the next level. It looks amazing.

Side Bangs and Subtle Waves

You can add texture and volume to your hair by using a wand. You can add texture and volume to your hair by creating slight waves. To curl your hair slightly, wrap the lower half of the hair around the curling iron. To make your waves appear subtle, spray some hairspray and gently brush your hair.

Blonde Layers

Thin-haired women have it so good! Layers that begin in the middle of the hair can still make it appear fuller. The hair texture can be enhanced by adding waves to the bottom. This looks extremely stylish.

Curled-In Shag

The shag haircut is a timeless style that has stood the test of time. You can achieve this shag look only with thick hair. To achieve this look, curl your front layers inwardly and add layers to your hair. To achieve this look, use a round brush with some mousse and do not damage your hair using heat styling tools.

Soft Wavy Layers

Have you ever heard the expression “hair that flows like water”? Inspired by this phrase, this hairstyle was created. For a soft, natural look, layer your hair halfway down. Then feather the ends. This haircut can be styled in loose waves for a romantic look.

Rock n’ Roll Shag

This killer curly shag hairstyle proves that rock ‘n roll is always the best. This messy yet stylish haircut looks great. This haircut is perfect for those head-banging moments.

Layered haircut

Layers are the best friend of a girl. Layers are a great way to achieve stylish, shiny hair. This style makes the hair appear thicker and fuller.

Flicked-Out Dual Layers

Layers are great for thick hair, but sometimes too many layers can make your hair look a little too thick. Instead, opt for a simple, dual-layered cut. The little space between layers gives your hair a bounce.