The 80s makeup trend of bright, colorful eyeshadows is back!

It’s incredible how trends that are out of style one year seem to come back a decade later with renewed energy. The same is true for colorful eye makeup. In the 1980s, women looked like tropical fish. Often, the entire spectrum of bright makeup was applied to one eye. This included thick, bushy eyebrows, a bright fuchsia flush, and a matte complexion. Many of us thought we would never see the sunny 80s makeup again when the 1980s ended. Women from the 1960s raised their eyebrows, which were over-tweezed. The same statement was made 20 years ago.

We’re witnessing a rebirth in colorful eyeshadows that evoke a youthful and unexpected energy. The eyeshadows of the 80s are more refined and have less color than today. Take a look at the exciting revival of 80s eye makeup.

Blue Eyeshadow and Eye Makeup

Recently, blues in jewel tones have been making a comeback. One example is our Powdered Eyeliners in Sapphire. These gorgeous babies are available in a variety of colors and offer the precision of liquid eyeliner but the ability to smudge like a pencil. They are a mix between a liner and a shadow. You can use them as a base for powdered shadows and then add more on top.

Blue Hour PurPressed(r), Eyeshadow Trio has another fun shade of blue. This deep, rich blue eyeshadow is infused with a beautiful shimmer. It’s perfect to use as an eyeliner or in the middle of the lid. This eyeshadow also comes with a light shimmery silver, which can be used to brighten up the blue.

Green Eyeshadow

Green is a springy color that gives off a fresh feeling. Our Harmony PurPressed(r) Eyeshadow Trio contains three shades of green that are ideal for highlighting, shaping, and enhancing the eyes. The sea foam green eyeshadow gives the eyes a hint of color without being too overpowering.

Pink Eyeshadow

This season, pinks and berries will be very popular. Our Twilight PurPressed(r) Eyeshadow Trio offers a great option. This trio includes a berry shimmer that stands out against the two pink and platinum tones. This trio pairs well with our Onyx Mystikol to create soft, smoky eyeshadows.

Use Colorful Eyeshadow

For those who don’t mind having fun, the Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit includes a palette of vibrant, intense colors ranging from rich green, blue, and berry pink to create a colorful eye makeup look. This kit also includes a generous pan luminous highlighter, which can be used as a softener or to contrast the other colors. This kit is essential for makeup enthusiasts and runway artists.

How to apply eye makeup that is bright and colorful across the rainbow

Here are some tips on how to use bright eye colors.

Do not be afraid to combine colors that are opposites. For instance, a copper-and-gold eye looks stunning with a bright green or blue eyeshadow placed in the middle, just above the iris.

It is okay to mix colors where they touch, but do not overlap them so much that one color becomes neutralized by another. Keep in mind that purple neutralizes yellow, and gold neutralizes green. To soften the lines between colors, place them next to one another and blend their edges.

Don’t apply all colors at once. Instead, blend them at the end. This can cause you to lose control. Apply each color as though it’s the only one you intend to use. Apply the next color after blending it to perfection.

Darker colors, such as highlighters, look best on the outer eye. Bright eyeshadows that are more shimmery and saturated look best on the lid just above the iris.

Don’t forget to remove any excess from the brush before touching your eye. This will prevent any fallout from getting under your eyes.

Enjoy yourself with eye colors. It’s only makeup. For practice, try a few different looks and then wash them away. Tag us on Facebook. We are so happy that you like our eyeshadows.

We look forward to seeing how you use them this year.