Step-by-step natural eye makeup tutorial: Jane Ireland Signature Eye

Every woman has a makeup style they prefer to. It could be a subtle contouring and gorgeous lips or an old-fashioned winged eyeliner style with bright red lips. The look we have created is focused on the eyes. They’re the eyes that let in the soul. For our everyday natural look for eye makeup, We use our Brown Sugar PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple and five easy steps to apply it. Look at the results below, and then learn how to apply natural eye shadows in five easy steps.

Prepping Your Eyes for an Everyday Eyeshadow Look

Before applying our easy natural eye makeup look, make sure that your eye area is clean so you have an uncluttered canvas. This means removing dark circles as well as defining your eyebrows. Here’s a quick overview of both.

Cover & Conceal

The first step in creating the most stunning eye makeup look is concealing any discoloration or puffiness underneath your eyes. If you’re suffering from a little puffiness, consider Active Light Concealer for your eyes. It uses an antioxidant-rich formula that can help de-puff the eye as it covers and enhances dark shadows. To conceal dark circles, we suggest using rings or deleting as well as the Enlighten concealer. Learn more in this article about how to cover dark circles as a professional.

Define & Fill Your Brows

Your eyebrows can be described as frames that frame your eyes. A well-maintained brow can boost the appearance of your eyes and makeup. If you’re looking to give your brow a bit of definition, Try using this retractable eyebrow pencil. For a more full and voluminous look on an undefined brow, try your GreatShape Eyebrow Kit. Read this article to create and define your eyebrows.

Steps to Create a Natural Eye Makeup Look

Once you’ve concealed the under-eye region and shaped those eyebrows, it’s now time to apply our daily organic eye makeup.

Begin by priming your eyes using lemon Smooth Affair the Eyes. It’s an all-purpose shade that can aid in smoothing the appearance of your eyelids and will help your eyeshadow last longer.

Then, apply the dark eggplant shade of The Brown Sugar PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple to the outside corner of your eyelid with a Crease Brush. Blend towards the center of your eyelid to blur the boundaries.

Make use of your Deluxe Shader Brush to apply the most light shade of Brown Sugar to the outer edge of your eyes. Blend the shadow to the center of your eyelid. Use the exact shade on the eyebrow bone.

Draw your eyeline with a Brown/Black eye Pencil.

Make your lashes look more attractive by first using PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner and then applying Black Ice Longest Lash Extender & thickening mascara.

That’s it! The natural natural, natural-looking eye makeup is simple to make in five steps. However, it’s also a style that can be worn casually or dressed up, whether you’re wearing it for work or a special occasion.