Primer: Seal and Shine With the Ultimate Beauty Tool

What is primer, and why should I use it? Every beauty routine is missing a primer. They can be used for so many things! A primer’s ultimate goal is to seal, to create a smooth surface to apply the next product. You can use a primer to maintain your appearance by using it on the eyes, lips, lips, hair, or even hair. The products are designed to provide a surface for other products to adhere to.

Primer makeup is used to cover the face.

A good primer will not only increase the staying power of your foundation, but it also has many other benefits. There are many makeup primers available that can smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, conceal them, correct the color, combat shine, and blur imperfections. They also provide a barrier between your foundation’s pores and your skin.

Skincare is the first and best primer. Skincare products will help you achieve all the above but also regulate your skin to keep it feeling fresh and radiant. The right makeup primer will give you an extra boost. Just like choosing the best skin care products, it depends on the type of skin that you have. Many primers are designed to address more than one issue, so you don’t need to use three different primers!

How to Apply Primer

Always moisturize before you prime! Primer doesn’t cover up–it prepares. If you have dry or uneven skin, using moisturizers will prevent dry skin from flaking and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and pores. It is easy to apply primer by dabbing on the product like you would a lip balm, eye cream, or moisturizer.

jane-iredale Smooth Affair Primer & Brightener. This non-comedogenic foundation primer provides smudge resistance and helps to keep your makeup in place throughout the day. The lightweight formula creates a smooth surface to apply makeup while minimizing the appearance of pores and blemishes. It also protects skin from free radicals and encourages firmness with the help of green and white tea and algae extract.

Primer application tip:

Make sure that your primer and foundation formulas are the same! If you use a primer with a water base, such as Jane Iredale Smooth Affair by Jane Iredale, then you will need to use a foundation that is also water-based. Oil and water do not mix.

Are you looking for a primer that has SPF? Try Tinted Glowbiotics SPF 30. This sunscreen is oil and water-free, with a tint that can either be used alone or to smooth the skin.

The best eyeshadow primer

Eye primers have a plethora of benefits. They can prevent eyeshadow from creasing and even out the application of shadow. They also magnify pigments, which helps makeup stay in place when it is humid, rainy, or snowy. They can be used on the lids, under the eyes, or even to keep brow powder in place. They also mattify, and even out the skin tone, so oily lids don’t need to worry about eyeshadow slipping during the day.

The use of eye primers can also help to prevent skin pulling and tugging. Because makeup is applied more easily, it’s not necessary to pull the skin outwards to use the product. Sticks and creams glide on much easier.

Remember a time when you applied a powder eye shadow, only to discover that it was gone by the end of the day? Say goodbye to fading eye shadows! Powder shadows are perfect for eye primers. They increase their longevity and keep your eyes looking sharp all day.

TheBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primers: This primer is perfect for setting shadows and comes in an easy-to-use tube. This sheer gel primer is a crease, sweat, and tear-proof formula that has a slightly sticky texture. It quickly absorbs your eyeshadow to keep it in place.