Opi Nail Polish

Today, I am going to review a Nail Lacquer by OPI. OPI Lacquer was something I wanted to try, but I needed more money to afford one. When I saw these nail paints on, I knew I had to buy at least one. They were discounted, so there were few choices, and some of their best colors disappeared. I was left with only four colors, so I bought one. Today’s review will focus on ‘OPI nail lacquer Suzi Takes The Wheel.’

Product Description

OPI is taking to the American roads with various colors that bring a new sense of style to classic designs. It is time to reinvent yourself with striking new colors. What better inspiration than my recent road trip coast to coast? These lacquers perfectly represent the American I love: a relaxed glamour and wearable elegance that reflects American culture—truly unifying shades of allure.


The polish packaging is standard, with a transparent cap and a black cap. The cap comes with a standard-sized brush. It is neither too thick nor too thin. The brush is designed, so you only need two strokes to apply the color.

My OPI Nail Lacquer Suzi Takes The Wheel:

Color Suzi Takes The Wheel is a gray shade with green undertones. This is a different kind of color than all the others I have. It is free from shimmers and gives nails a glossy look. This is the kind of shade I love. It makes my hands look more beautiful. They do not look dull.

Pigmentation Although the color is very pigmented, it quickly becomes opaque in its first application. However, I applied another coat to prolong the color’s life.

Texture The nail polish is perfect in texture. It is neither too thick nor too thin. The nail color is opaque and does not streak. It drys quickly and takes less than one minute.

Longevity: This nail polish was excellent, except for the staying power. The color does not fade from the edges of the nails for up to four days. It faded after two coats. The color fades gracefully and does not chip at the middle of the nails.

Fragrance: This makes this polish stand out from all other polishes. This polish does not have the typical nail polish smell. Although it has a slight scent, it fades quickly once applied to the nails.

OPI Nail Lacquer Suzi Takes The Wheel:

  • Brushes of good size
  • There is no fragrance
  • Non-strange
  • Even after the first coat, it can still be opaque
  • Beautiful, unique color
  • It is easy to use and transport
  • Amazing consistency
  • Rapid drying

OPI Nail Lacquer Suzi Takes The Wheel:

  • It does not last very long and begins to fade the next day.
  • Price


Would you repurchase this product?

Although I was not impressed by this polish’s formula, I like it and would buy more colors. However, I might purchase a different color again.

Would I recommend this?

This is the right color for those who love gray polishes but want something new. It is stunning on the hands.