How to Remove Makeup

You know by now that sleeping with makeup on is not an option. Are you sure that you have removed all traces of makeup? These five tips will help you remove makeup without damaging your skin.

Use multiple makeup wipes.

We always recommend using your favorite cleanser to remove makeup. If a thorough, good cleanse at the sink is not possible, then you will need more than one makeup wipe. You can reserve one wipe for your face and another for your lip and eye makeup. You risk getting eye infections or clogged pores if you use the wipes to remove makeup.

Invest in a makeup remover for your eyes.

Waterproof mascaras and eyeliners that last a long time are worth the money but can be difficult to remove. It is not advisable to scrub your eye makeup off with harsh motions, as this could damage the delicate skin or cause premature fine lines. Opt for an eye makeup remover. Use a cotton pad to apply the liquid or lotion. Press it gently on your eyelid for 30 seconds, and then sweep off all makeup.

Make sure you choose the right makeup remover for your makeup.

You shouldn’t be able to feel any excess oil or residue on your face after cleansing. It’s time to try a different formula if your skin still feels greasy or you are still rubbing makeup off after cleansing. It can be as simple as matching the makeup remover with your skin type and makeup. You’d be better off using a cleansing liquid before your normal cleanser if you use a BB cream. You should use an oil if you like to contour and wear a full coverage foundation.

Use micellar water to avoid irritation.

After removing your makeup, you should not see any redness or irritation. It may take some trial and error to find the cause of reactive skin. Exfoliating too much, especially with physical scrubs, can cause skin to become dry. Skin can be thrown off balance by using water that’s too hot, rubbing too hard on your face with a towel (especially a dirty one), or using a product that contains ingredients you don’t like. Try a micellar cleanser that is sensitivity-free and ultra-gentle. You’ll still need eye makeup remover.