How to prevent your makeup from transferring onto your mask

As we navigate our new normal and begin to venture out in the world again with our protective protocols set in place, I’ve noticed we are finding challenges in unexpected areas like our faces. My friends have expressed their frustration with their makeup rubbing off their masks. One of my friends confessed to having stopped wearing makeup under her mask because it made her face look so messy. Some people have even stopped wearing makeup. This is a common situation.

There are some simple ways to prevent the makeup from transferring onto your mask. Here’s a breakdown of the different categories!


Start by evaluating the products you use for your skin before applying makeup. If you use less emollient moisturizers, your skin will have a better surface to apply makeup. Serums are more effective than creams for many people. Avoid petroleum-based moisturizers.

BeautyPrep (tm) Hydraluronic Serum comes highly recommended. It allows the skin to retain 1000 times its weight in moisture without compromising foundation wearing.


When wearing a face mask, consider your formula. Heavy emollients, like moisturizers, can compromise longevity and transfer resistance. Stick to liquids or powders that are lightweight, and avoid cream foundations. If coverage is important, you can layer the foundations for a more opaque look.

Beyond matte (tm) Liquid Foundation, PurePressed (r) Base Mineral Foundation is our recommendation. These products have a buildable finish and provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish. For additional coverage, I recommend using our Sponge by pressing and rolling.


Many of us struggle to find a way to achieve that gorgeous glow on our cheeks while still being transfer-resistant in the age of contouring and highlighting. Powders are your best bet. You’ll be pleased to learn that most highlighters are available in powder form. These highlighters are available in many different tones and finishes.

Our recommendation is the GreatShape (TM) Contour Kit. This kit contains contour powder, blush, and highlighter to sculpt and shape your face.


The biggest challenge we face is to overcome this. Here, technology is the key. The product must be formulated specifically to improve adhesion. For virtual events, glosses and balms work best. If you’re going to wear a mask, check for stains.

Lip Fixation Stain (tm), Beyond matte (tm), is our top recommendation. The matte finish formula is long-lasting and doesn’t only add color with one swipe. It stays on for several hours. Please wait until you see the gorgeous colors that it comes in.