How to Grow a Better Beard for No-Shave November

For a variety of reasons, men around the world take part in Movember or No-Shave November. Others let their beards grow to raise money for charity or to bring attention to men’s health issues. Some want to change up their look. If you’re going to develop a full, bushy beard for any reason or even for charity, follow these tips.

How do you shape your beard?

How do you choose the right beard shape for your face

The Best Beard Grooming Products

How to shape a beard in 3 simple steps

Shaving is the first step to a successful Movember. You don’t have to worry about losing your beard. Wait a week before shaving to let your stubble grow. No Shave November celebrates beards. We recommend that you take care of your facial hair and not let it grow wild on your face.

How to shape your hair:

Apply a clear shaving cream to your face and neck that is clean. Save the lathering creams for another day. They will help you guide your razor. The Baxter Beard Line Shave Gel is a great option for soothing skin as you shave.

Draw an invisible line between your sideburns and the corner of your mouth or tip of your mustache. The hairs above this line are usually unruly, sparse, and unruly for most men. Shaving the stubble over this line will make a beard look thicker. Avoid shaving below this line because it will give your beard a jowl appearance.

Find your Adam’s Apple first to define the neckline of your beard. Shave anything below your top finger. Place two fingers over your Adam’s Apple. The neck beard is avoided by not bringing the beard down too close to your jawline. This can create the appearance of a double chin.

How to choose the best beard style according to your face shape

Visualize how your beard will look at the end of November. You can’t control the growth of your beard, but having an end goal gives you some direction for trimming and maintaining it. The natural shape of your face will determine the shape of your beard. This is not always flattering. So, when you grab the clippers, consider your facial structure. You’re not sure what style will look best on your face. There are many different facial hair styles to try, but nothing beats the look of a well-groomed beard. Use these tips to create a beard that complements your face.

The best beard styles for oval faces

Oval-faced people have it easy since beards can help to slim the face and strengthen jawlines. Even the slightest amount of stubble can make these face shapes more defined. Please don’t mess up their job! Maintain your facial proportions if you have an oval-shaped face.

Pro tip: The majority of beards will grow faster in certain areas. Trimming sides removes roundness while cutting the squares at the bottom of the jaw will reduce the length.

The best beard styles for square faces

Due to their fuller and longer faces, those with rectangular or oval facial structures can quickly appear to have a large beard. This can be used to your advantage if you keep your beard shorter and thicker on the sides. It will enhance your features and maintain a balanced appearance.

Round faces are best suited to a round beard.

When paired with round faces, beards can transform your appearance. They create the illusion that you have a jawline, even if it’s not what you were born with! Because round faces are fuller at the sides, you can create an illusion of a slimmer face by reducing the beard’s thickness towards your chin. For a more defined jawline, shape your beard at a 90-degree angle from your sideburns to your chin. When you have a round face, it takes patience to grow the perfect beard. But the results are worth the effort!

The best beard style for square faces

If you were born with a square jawline, try to enhance your facial structure rather than exaggerate. Keep your sides trimmed short, as your jawline is naturally chiseled and bold. You can slim down your face by adding length and fullness around your chin. This will help you to maintain the right proportions while enhancing your angular features.

Pro tip: Men with square faces often choose a goatee to lengthen their face without stifling the jawline. Goatees can look over-groomed, especially at a time when styles are meant to be effortless. Use clippers to trim the rest of your facial hair and leave some stubble instead of cutting everything around your goatee. This will create a thick goatee, which highlights the area while not looking overly polished. It’s also great for experimenting with sideburns and mustaches.

Support fuller, softer facial hair by using these grooming products

Consider adding these products to your arsenal before you start growing. Consider your beard an extension of the face. It deserves to be treated as such. There are more products for facial hair than you could shake a beard brush at, from balms and waxes to beard combs.

Remember these three basic beard care essentials to simplify your life:

Washing your beard every day with a cleanser specially formulated for face hair is advisable. This will help remove excess oil and dirt that may cause acne on the beard. Try the Jack Black Beard wash. It contains aloe to soothe and protect facial hair and the skin underneath.