How to contour your cheekbones in 5 minutes with bronzer

Learn how to contour your face for a natural look. Learn how to contour your face using bronzer.

Use a quad bronzer with multiple shades. Multi-bronzers allow you to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. You can blend, mix,  and check the colors to achieve the perfect compliment for your complexion. It’s also nice to have all the contouring tools you need in one compact. Our favorite multi-bronzer is the Jane Iredale quad bronzer. The palettes are Sunbeam and Moonglow. Sunbeam was used on Natasha in our video.

Blending brush: Apply the darker shade under the cheekbones. You’ll want to use a multi-purpose brush to avoid a muddy look. Natasha was sprayed with the Jane Iredale Blending Brush. It is gentle on the skin and can be used with either powder or cream products. It’s not only a great bronzer brush bu, but it can also be used to apply your foundation base.

If you want to create a sculpted cheekbone, contouring with a dark shade is the way to go. However, applying it to the wrong area can cause your face to look disproportionate. Holding a pencil up to your face and aligning it with your top ear will help you find the perfect place to apply bronzer. You’ll want to apply bronzer at its natural downward angle. It would be best if you started at the back of your ear and avoided dragging the color close to the mouth.

Use the darker shade around the temples and near the hairline. Bronzer all over the forehead is a common mistake. It will look like you chose the wrong foundation shade because of its uniform color. Apply bronzer to your hairline and temples only for a sun kissed look.

Apply a lighter shade directly to the cheekbones and above the jawline. Use a fanbrush to apply a more golden color to the cheekbones and above the jawline. This will highlight your contoured appearance and create contrast. Glo Minerals Fan Brush is our favorite. This brush allows for a more delicate, precise application. It’s perfect for shimmery products like highlighter and blush that you want to use just a little bit of.

You’re done! Summer is ready in just a few minutes. We also recommend the Stila Set & Bronze Powder Trio to achieve an illuminated glow or the Senna Beyond Bronze Mineral Trio to create a satiny, balanced light.