Essie Nail Polish

All! This is Catherine, giving you a big hug from deep inside the heart of Sydney lockdown. This weekend has been beautiful in Australia’s winter. Even though there is so much going on around the globe — Afghanistan, Haiti, and Covid — I will do my best to spread joy wherever I can.

Everyone needs a good catch-up. I would like to have a zoom party and ask you how your day is. I am sorry that the world is in such turmoil. I hope you are doing well. Me? We are optimistic, but I feel disconnected from all my loved ones. We have sorted every corner of our house to maximize space and flexibility. My husband works there, my son talks Law and Business all the time, and I sometimes think ….this home has never been more used. It is hard to remember when I used to be here for the entire week alone. My last jab will be Thursday. I hope it does not make my sick as the first. That’s us. What about you? ?

Deep breathing.

Let’s have a break and talk about frivolous, fun stuff.


It’s a great way to make yourself feel better. Try it out! Blue is fun and we all need more. Essie Bikini So Tiny is my favorite.

My family in Canada is hosting a wedding this weekend. I wish I could attend! Dar, my sis (the 10 Minute Fix gardener and also the mother to the groom), sent me a picture of her stunning blue nail polish. It made me long for the opportunity to dance the night away in the prairies with all my family at a wedding. When I was little, dancing was my passion. This is one value that I have held dearly for fifty years. If music is playing, I will dance.


I rested this week. Although I am usually healthy, I was feeling sick this week so I spent some time in bed.

I was resting and listened to a great podcast about comfort eating. (Hello, Covid Lockdown. Let me eat all your feelings… and while I’m there, I’ll decide that it’s a great moment to bake buttermilk biscuits. The host shared something exciting about the way we tell ourselves, “I can’t seem XXXX XXXX.” She suggested that we change this script.

This idea is amazing! It inspires me! Today I spent my time turning “I can’t _____xx” into “I wonder what if I could just xxxxx”.

  • I was wondering if it would be possible to clean the microwave while I brew my coffee.
  • I wonder if I could have a mandarin as an alternative to chocolate.
  • Would it be possible to wear a knit dress and tights over my trackies?


Galahs walk along the streets of my neighborhood every day. They walk because they love to. True Aussies, tell me why. It’s been 24 years since I moved here.

Friends, blue nail polish, flipping scripts, walking galahs… that’s it for today.

We are grateful for your presence and for allowing me to share a bit of our world with you.

Sending love and a happy Sunday to you.

Catherine x


We’ve done this for Aussies who find locking down difficult.

  • Setting up a puzzle at the living room coffee table is a great conversation starter!
  • making homemade pizza every friday night
  • Regular coffee breaks throughout the day. (“Hey, let’s walk around the pool …”)
  • Reminding ourselves that the older generations experienced war and loss (giving up their loved ones and so on)
  • Recognizing that the people of Haiti and Afghanistan truly are suffering
  • Reach out to friends with buddy checks and group texts

If you are overseas, we wish you a wonderful last week of summer before autumn’s glory!

You are very welcome, Happy New Year!

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Although this is just a sneaky hello, I am currently on Christmas break. However, I will be inspiring you with weekly posts every Saturday in 2021. I will be busy writing new books, managing my copywriting business, and teaching an online course.

Deepen your breath!

For today, however, if you are at all like me, which is up to my neck in promises to myself about how disciplined and organized you will be in 2021 then it’s time for you to halt the overwhelm.

Let’s instead, focus on this simple solution, my friends.

It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on it. What is the best that you can dream of? It’s okay to dream.

We wish you bright skies and joy over the small things in 2021.

Love Catherine x


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