Derma blend’s secrets to flawless body makeup

Usually, when it comes to makeup, we tend to focus on the face. There are still times when body makeup can be very useful. Dermablend will cover everything from visible veins to body acne to tattoos. You’ll learn all about the basics of body makeup, including:

How to cover body blemishes with Dermablend

Dermablend products that you can use to treat your skin

How to use Dermablend Body Makeup

What is covered by Dermablend Body Makeup?

Tattoos As we all know, tattoos are a commitment. Dermablend, however, offers full-coverage and transfer-resistant makeup that can take you back to the days before you got inked. You can conceal your tattoos for special events or keep them hidden while laser treatments remove the pigment. Dermablend offers a natural, full-coverage look for up to 16 hours.

Scars A surgery or accident can leave a mark, which is a permanent reminder of a traumatic event in your life. It may also serve as a sign that you have overcome a major challenge. Dermablend offers a variety of scars in different colors and sizes.

Stretch marks, bruises, and veins: Skin imperfections like leg bruising and stretchmarks do not come from you. If you don’t want to show them off, Dermablend will give you a natural-looking and transfer-resistant cover when you wear shorts, dresses, skirts, and swimsuits.

Keratosis Pilaris – Also known as chicken skin or keratosis, it causes visible redness and bumps on the back of the arms. Dermablend can help you whether you are currently taking steps to treat this skin condition or want to forget it for the day.

Body Acne: Your cover-up choices shouldn’t worsen the situation if you suffer from body acne. Dermablend body makeup conceals blemishes while not clogging your pores. This allows you to heal, cover, and prevent further breakouts.

Which Dermablend products can I use to treat my skin?

Dermablend has two options for body makeup: dermatologist and sensitive skin tested. They provide long-lasting wear, and they resist smudges, transfers, and water (when applied correctly).

Dermablend Quick-Fix Body

This creamy concealer is perfect for tattoos and smaller areas. It blends well and glides on easily. It’s also available in 10 shades. How to use it

Apply the paint in short strokes over the desired area.

Then, blend the edges in with the surrounding skin.

Apply a generous amount of Dermablend Powder for 16-hour wear. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes, then gently buff off any excess.

Dermablend Leg & Body Makeup

The liquid foundation is hydrating and provides a buildable, complete coverage of larger areas. The SPF is 25, and it comes in 12 shades. How to use:

Start by cleansing and drying your skin. Use no moisturizer, sunscreen, or other products.

Use long strokes to apply in the direction of hair growth.

Blend with a makeup brush using a tapping motion. Allow to dry between one and two minutes.

Apply another layer with the same technique for more coverage. Allow it to dry between three and five minutes.

To achieve a 16-hour wearing time, apply a generous quantity of Dermablend Powder. Leave on for ten minutes and then gently buff off the excess.

More Dermablend body makeup tips

Dermablend’s makeup experts have provided some professional tips to help you get the most out of your body foundation.

To prevent smudging, blend using a tapping motion or stippling (and do not rub).

Let the body foundation dry completely before applying setting powder. This is especially important if you are using multiple layers.

If you want to achieve an instant self-tanner (especially for the legs), choose a product one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

When your skin becomes wet, blot it gently to dry. Do not rub.

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