Cloud Nine Hair Straightener

You should be able to rely on a Cloud Nine straightener if you are a pro at hair styling. You have probably held one of these beauties in your hands, and you know how they can take you to another level of styling. It is easy to see why Cloud Nine hair styling tools are so popular.

Each member of Cloud Nine is a true superstar. However, not all hair accessories will give you the same results. Cloud Nine has the right tool for you, whether you want to curl your hair with a straightener or need one for fine hair.

These are the Cloud Nine hair straighteners you should consider depending on your goals, hair type, and available time. This little primer will make it easier to understand why Cloud Nine is Australia’s best hair straightener brand.

First things

No matter which model you choose from Cloud Nine, you will get some great tech to do your hair. All of their straighteners have MiCOM power. Your straightener will sense when your temperature rises or falls while styling your hair. This ensures that your hair flows evenly across your head and prevents damage. Pretty cool, huh?

Let’s now get to the stars of this show…

The Original Iron

No matter your hair type, the Cloud Nine’s The Original Iron is a great choice. This all-rounder can be used in a variety of styles. That’s why it is so reliable. With Cloud Nine’s The Original, you can create beautiful, flowing curls and beachy, casual waves and straight-as styles.

This Cloud Nine plates are truly revolutionary and set the standard for other models. The ceramic plates are mineral-infused and seal the hair’s cuticles, allowing your hair to retain its valuable moisture. This will result in healthier, shinier hair. Cloud Nine’s floating plates technology allows the tool to slide easily and free of friction, reducing the risk of it getting too hot. Variable temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature range from 100 to 200 for the customized care your hair needs.

The Wide Iron

Cloud Nine’s The Wide Iron does exactly what it says: a wide iron that can handle hair in bunches. That’s a good thing.

Cloud Nine released this wide-plated wand and you could almost hear people with thick, full hair giddy. It took the incredible ability of the original Cloud Nine straightener and expanded its capabilities.

You’ve found the best hair straightener to create larger, more bouncier curls. When taming is your goal, the Width Iron is one you will want to take advantage of. You’ll get better coverage every time you pull the plates, which are 40mm wide (15mm wider than The Original). The Original also has the same variable control mechanism as the Original.

The Micro Iron

Cloud Nine’s Micro Iron is a great tool to help you achieve major styling results.

The tool’s small size (15cm) and its stature are huge benefits. This is a great tool for people with shorter hair who still want to style their hair. You can use it to fix your hair, such as trimming your hair, putting your roots in place, and enhancing your style. The is perfect for those of you who are always on the go. It fits snugly into your bag and doesn’t take up much space. This means that you don’t need to make too many sacrifices when packing.

Although you won’t have the sweet variable temperature control of or but there are 150 heating options, so there is plenty of work to do.

The Touch Iron

Another Cloud Nine hair straightener is This Touch Iron. The amazing automatic heating has revolutionized the game. This bad boy heats up instantly, so you don’t have to wait for it to heat up. This iron is perfect for all hair types, and even those with no spare time.

Once you’re done styling with the mineral-infused floating clay plates you know and love from Cloud Nine, the temperature can be changed between 165 and 195. Touch Temperature Control makes it easy to toggle back and forth between the different temperatures. To switch, you need to click the plates three times. It is like a computer shortcut for your hair straightener.

Oz Hair & Beauty offers a great range of hair straighteners, including the most popular models from Cloud Nine. These have been a staple for stylists all over the world. You can style your hair in style by finding the right one today.