Bold & Bright ColorLuxe Lipstick Tryon

As summer slowly comes to an end, I’m enjoying the last days of summer with some fun, vibrant shades of lipstick, including our latest ColorLuxe Hydrating Lipstick. I usually wear the black color a lot, and brown, so oranges, pinks, and corals are my preferred lipstick colors that add an edgy touch to my style. I’m also getting ready for autumn by trying out more intense, bolder shades. The plums, burgundies, and deep reds add an element of elegance and warmth to my makeup.

The ColorLuxe tube is smooth and soft when you hold it. The lipstick glides easily up, and the cap is snug and secure. There’s a color swatch label on the inside of the tube, which makes it simple to pick the correct shade from your collection.
I’ve been on an obsession with vermillions this summer. Poppy was the perfect match for my necklace and nail polish, which I took as a cue to start with my ColorLuxe experience here. The shade Poppy has a lovely warm, medium-dark orange-red shade that melts on my lips and feels super nourishing. I’m amazed by the amount of color it offers while being light. I am absolutely in love with the lip shade. The second picture was taken just a couple of hours later. I drank a few glasses of water and an ice cream sandwich in between. The color is still well with no touch-up! This formula is drying out significantly. However, my lips feel soft and moisturized.

Our next collection of moisturizing lipsticks will be Peony, A cool medium shade of fuchsia. Peony is a bright and cheerful look that, when you put it on, you’ll be positive and energetic. I’ll keep this color in my purse to wear at summer’s end celebrations.

Candy Apple is a stunning red with a cool tone that brings thoughts of sweet desserts and warm, comfortable knits. It’s the ideal autumn lipstick for events, as well as a pumpkin patch.

Passionfruit: A cool dark fuchsia shade that is the perfect blend of fun and boldness, which makes it a great shade for casual and formal occasions this fall. This color is going to be my top fall lipstick color.

Lastly, Bordeaux. This color impressed me. It’s a deep burgundy, which initially appeared too dark for me. However, when it was put on, it created an elegant and romantic vibe. It’s perfect for a fall date evening. It’s ideal for a fall date night.

My thoughts overall — ColorLuxe is an ultra-moisturizing lipstick that is soft, smooth, and nourishing, much like lip balm, but with the pigment and durability of lipstick. I noticed that I would forget my lips were wearing the stain, and I was amazed by the gorgeous look of my lips when I caught my reflection in the mirror. My favorite thing about it is how simple it was to apply it. Just one swipe provided me with the color I required. If you’re looking for a rich, lightweight, yet extremely pigmented lip color, I would highly recommend trying ColorLuxe. Don’t be afraid of the vibrant and striking shades!