Beauty Lesson: Contouring and Highlighting

You’ve probably heard of contouring and highlighting, even if you aren’t a beauty nut. Bloggers and social media have brought new techniques to the forefront of mainstream conversation. Start with strobing or clowning. These techniques are popular because they produce results. The combination of contouring and highlighting can be used to enhance your features and sculpt the face. This is a great way to experiment with different looks for a date. You may be intimidated by some tutorials that look like they require a lot of makeup. But the truth is, you can use as little or as much makeup to achieve the desired results. Highlighting and contouring can be done using a variety of products and methods. What makes them work is:

To achieve the best result, each one must complement the other.

The shade is appropriate to the environment (e.g., For nighttime looks, heavy shading is the best.

The blend is perfect.

The shades are used to look as natural as possible.

How to apply highlighter to your face in 3 easy steps

Here’s a quick guide for those who are new to highlighting. It will help you to focus on the center of your facial features, look more alert, and get out the door quickly! Highlighting is used to bring attention to certain areas. The highlighter should be lighter in color than your skin, and it can either be matte or shimmer. The three best places to use a highlighter include:

You can find the cheekbone under your eyes.

You can even reach the bridge of your nostrils.

Just past the outer corners, place your finger on the apples of your cheeks.

Advanced Highlighting Techniques

Are you ready for the next level of highlighting? Highlighter can be applied in the following places for dramatic results:

Center your forehead. Gently brush outward a matte highlighter in a star pattern.

Highlighter on the bridge of the nose -Swipe highlighter along the bridge of the nose to draw attention to the center of your face.

The inner corner of your eyes -Dab some highlighter (champagne or gold, depending on your undertones) in the corners of your eye to make them pop.

Brow Bone -Apply shimmery highlighter to your browbone to enhance your arch, hide stray hairs, and give the appearance of larger eyes.

Highlighter for the top of your cheekboneBrush highlighter onto your cheekbone to reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and define your cheekbone.

The upper apple of the cheek -Add brightness to your apples by applying a highlighter on top of your blush.

Cupid’s bow – Apply a little highlighter with a concealer to the cupid’s bow of your lips to give them a more dimensional appearance.

Center your bottom lips -With a finger, dab a shimmer in the center of your lower lip to make it appear fuller.

Center your chin. A touch of a highlighter in the middle of your chin will help draw attention to the centerline of your face.

The Best Highlighters From Jane Iredale

Check out some of our favorite best highlighters. It’s all about personal preference.

Glow Time highlighter stick They’re easy to apply!

Choose a foundation or concealer that is two or three shades lighter than the skin tone you have, or use Active-Light Under-Eye Concealer.

If you want to use matte-based eyeshadows, try shades such as White Bone or Champagne Purpressed Eye Shadow.

Highlighters are made with the new Smooth Affair for Eyes, available in Naked or Canvas and gold.