Beauty and the Stream

Women have been using makeup for decades and continue to do so. The makeup industry is important to women. Although inspirations and trends may have changed, makeup use has never stopped.

The makeup industry is influenced by live-streaming technology. This technology is a great way to bridge the gap between in-person and online shopping.

A Profound Shift

Shopping in stores was one of the many activities that were affected by the pandemic. Many people have turned to shopping online. There are times when shopping for beauty products in person is the best option. A number of brands have embraced online streaming.

Beautycounter has installed a studio within one of its shops to live-stream in-store experiences, community events, and celebrity interviews.

Mac live-streamed a talent showcase to recruit new makeup artists.

Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones, the star of Game of Thrones, was Emilia Clarke’s guest at Clinique’s first celebrity live-streaming event.

Shopping habits were changing around the globe even before the pandemic. Many cosmetic brands have shifted from discounting and promotion-focused sales towards content-centered experiences.

Influencers also influence and construct beauty standards. They use social media platforms and streaming sites to reach the world.

Digitized Beauty Standards

Social media filters have changed beauty standards. They are now impossible and resemble dysmorphia. Before and during the photo shoot, filters were added. Photo applications were used to remove blemishes, wrinkles, and other flaws that make us appear human. The human figures were disfigured when gaps were added in places where they didn’t belong. Live streaming was the only way to save this situation.

The advent of social media platforms, influencers, and the boom in makeup products and varieties has had a negative impact on society’s psychology and physiology.

An article entitled “Digitized dysmorphia: the re/disfigurement of the image,” published in the Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, discusses how people create notions of normativity when they digitally alter their images using apps. This new ideal image norm has led to disfigurement by cosmetic implants and unnecessary surgery. This has led to a widespread epidemic of unhealthy relationships between outstanding online images and their physical bodies.

Live streaming is closer to reality than social media platforms and allows individuals to be themselves. Live streaming is not the place for edited videos and still selfies. Live streaming is real-time. Beauty experts and influencers are able to build trust with their viewers. This brings reality back into the makeup world. Live streaming may provide better lighting angles, but the fact remains.

Beauty Streaming: The Current Situation

The gaming industry was the main reason for the growth of live streaming. As people began to enjoy live streaming and to be a part of the online interactive community, other activities, such as makeup, started to become included.

Eventually, makeup influencers, as well as live-streaming makeup artists, began to feel that gaming channels were better suited for live-streaming. The creation of new live-streaming media dedicated to makeup tutorials was a result.

The makeup industry has plenty of room for margins, especially since most of the existing live-streaming platforms don’t meet the requirements for makeup tutorials.

The makeup industry’s weapon is streaming. Where entertainment meets ecommerce – Live streaming is the future of makeup.

Live streaming has changed the face of the beauty business from the newest trends to the most current marketing techniques. The future of beauty is currently in the hands of the younger generation. The rapid development of online shopping is attracting many young consumers.

The lack of a live event circuit has affected not only the makeup industry but also the entire fashion industry, which is now using live streaming. You can currently see major brands such as Vogue, Burberry Marc Jacobs, and Valentino utilizing live streaming.

Final Word

Live streaming has had a profound impact on the beauty industry. It has allowed many entrepreneurs to enter the beauty industry despite the presence of conglomerate players. Sociologically, it’s allowed many body types and even genders to become beauty influencers. This has broken the glass ceiling. The authenticity of live streaming is what attracts viewers, and they trust the content.