Younique Pay Plan featuring 2 New Status Levels!

As I had just returned from Younique’s 10th Convention, held in Phoenix, Arizona, I wanted to know all I could about the changes this year. The Younique Payment Plan has two new status levels: Coral (between Pink and Yellow) and Teal between Blue and Green.

Retail royalties (also known as commissions) — up to 40%

Let’s start with the basics. Let’s discuss the changes in Retail Royalties (commissions for products sold). The amount of money you sell is not tied to the status you are paid but rather your sales. All members are paid 20% of their sales from the first to the last day of the month. You get paid a bonus at the end of each month based on your volume (in USD).

Bonuses of 5% or overall 25% for $500-999

This bonus is only available to those who have earned Green status or higher.

Get a bonus of 15% or 35% on $2500-4999

Prizes up to 40% or 20% on $5000

Fast start royalties at the first level

You will be rewarded for helping direct sponsored presenters in the first three months after joining Younique. Bonuses are offered to encourage them to get moving and build their business within the first 90 days. This is a great way to help new presenters. This is between 5-20% of what first-level presenters did for the month.

Circle Royalties and new status levels

Coral and Teal represent two new status levels. Coral requires $250 in personal sales, $1,000 in company wholesale (75% overall), and one active presenter (125 dollars by a downline member) to qualify. This status comes before Pink, which was the first to receive circle royalty. It is a good way for your team to see their results in growing their teams. This royalty is based on 3-5% of your entire team, which includes everyone until you reach Green status. Generation Royalties will cover them in more detail.

Read the Younique Catalogue by country and market

Bonuses paid, as well as advancement bonuses

The former Younique pay plan has been restructured to remove some of the elite incentives, such as the car bonus, and distribute it amongst more status levels. This will allow them to be paid according to their new status when they reach that level. Younique’s cornerstone status is Pink. You can see the results of your growth and encourage others to grow once you get pink.

Pink, for example, has an advancement bonus of $100 and a bonus paid as a bonus of $50. If you achieve this within your first 90-day period, your prize will be doubled. ).

If you are promoted twice, you get two Advancement Bonuses! You will receive both the Pink Bonus and Blue Bonus if you move from Coral to Blue!

Generation royalties

As I said earlier, Generation Royalties are for those who have “grown” and built their teams. They branch off from your Circle but are now your First Generation. This is a royalty of 5% because they still work closely with you. After someone in the first generation reaches Green level or higher, they will become your second generation and receive a 4% royalty. When you reach a certain level, the 3rd generation will be 3% and the 4th generation 2%. The 5th generation will only be 1%. The first status level is Green, and then it goes on to Orange, Purple, and Black.

There is never a more perfect time!

This is my 10th year working with Younique. It’s a great change that rewards those who take the time to help their team members grow and learn. I feel more equipped to help other people and to start again with the wealth of knowledge that I have to share.