Why Hydration Sprays Are A Must-Have In Your Daily Beauty Routine

I like to think of my Hydration sprays as the ultimate multi-taskers. Being an esthetician, I am aware of the benefits they provide to your skin due to their gentle, clean ingredients. Additionally, I’m also an artist who creates makeup, so I know how they complement our makeup while working on photo shoots and events. From providing the Hydration you need, setting your foundation, and helping to soothe irritated skin or even balance oily skin, these hydrating mists can be an essential part of your routine. With buzzwords such as “dewy” and “glass skin” currently being utilized, Hydration Spray is a great product to use every day in order to keep that glowing! Let’s dive deeper into the different types of Hydration Spray and the benefits it offers:

Pommisst Hydration Spray

It’s one of our top sellers, and it’s not just due to the fact that it smells delicious! Botanicals such as Pomegranate, Rosemary along with White Tea Extracts, create an antioxidant powerhouse. Perfect for all skin types. Although all of our sprays are able to fix the foundation, commit is an effective facial mist that goes alongside your SPF to aid your skin in healing itself and healing faster from sun-damaged skin. It’s a game-changer! Keep in mind that the Pomegranate Extract protects your skin against free radicals, which cause hyperpigmentation. If you’re investing in products that target hyperpigmentation, Pommisst should be the final step in your beauty routine to prevent any further hyperpigmentation. Tips for Using: Pommisst can be used for more than a hydrating mist. You can also use it on colored hair to fight brassiness!

Balance Hydration Spray

If you’re oily or have acne issues, do not worry. This spray is perfect for you! I’m sure people avoid products that advertise moisture- or moisturizers. You don’t really need more oil on your skin; however, water hydration (water-based) is the one thing your skin is begging for. Extracts from Grapefruit, along with Orange Peel within this moisturizing mist, assist in balancing sebum production. When the natural oils in your skin are mixed with humidity and sweat, it creates an ideal environment for the growth of acne and bacteria. Usually, blemishes follow. Balanced sebum, keeping bacteria at bay and providing the Hydration that this spray is best at. If you frequently travel, this spray can double as a toner that can be used for oily or combination skin. Saturate a cotton pad and then rub it across your face. A less-traveled item!

D2O Hydration Spray

This moisturizing facial mist is ideal for people with dry skin. Algae Extract is an effective humectant that “draws” moisture to the skin. D2O also has Ylang Ylang, which can help reduce the appearance of skin. I am a fan of keeping the Hydration Spray in the fridge during hot, humid summer days to provide an energizing boost. D2O can also be used on skin after laser treatments to ease irritation and redness. Pro Tips: Spray generously onto your brush to make liner shades from any eye shadow powder.

Calming Lavender Hydration Spray

It seems like the Hydration Spray can also be used as an aromatherapy. Lavender provides that sensation of peace to the mind. Chamomile can help calm the red or sensitive skin. The most important ingredient? Myramaze Extract. It offers deep Hydration and aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It’s great for skin that is dry and sensitive, or anyone who wants to experience the feeling of calming peace can benefit from Calming Lavender. Pro tips: Use Calming Lavender at night! My nighttime routine is comprised of this hydrating mist. It is on the nightstand. After my skincare routine, I spritz this on my face and then on my pillowcases. It tells my brain and body that it’s time to end the day. It’s time to rejuvenate the body, skin, and mind!

I hope this inspires you to include the use of a Hydration spray in your daily routine. The summer season is here, and that means you have to plan your travel! I suggest you purchase our full-size (3.4 Oz) as well as our miniature hydration sprays (.4 oz) to carry in your luggage. Both are TSA-certified, and all of our bouquets can be refilled.