What to consider before you decide to go solar!

It isn’t easy to choose the best solar installer when there are so many options. Although price may seem to be the only profitable parameter, industry professionals would disagree. Everything must be in sync, from solar panels to inverters to services provided by your installer, such as mounting the structure or other civil work.

Select high-quality products from a trusted brand.

It may be a bit of a hassle to pay the extra cost, but you will have this solar system for over 25 years. It is fine to pay a little extra for the warranty and future assistance.

You don’t want the warranty clause to be void because you have to track down the original manufacturer.

Hidden costs

At the beginning of the project, any civil work or costs related to net metering should be included in the total cost proposal. You should also discuss with your solar partner the future use of energy and ensure that the system is designed, taking into consideration the possibility of expansion.

Efficient rooftop panel design

It is important to maximize the use of space on your rooftop, whether you decide to install solar panels on a partial or entire roof. This will help to maximize the savings. Your geographical location and the space you have available will determine the angle at which your solar panels are installed. Solar partners with high levels of expertise can guarantee the highest possible efficiency. Your installer should be aware that sunlight and weather conditions can vary depending on the area.


While the installation is in progress, the solar partner must maintain proper hygiene. All wiring should be hidden within the installation area. Safety is a major factor, from the appropriate Earthing of inverters to the deployment at the correct place. Be sure that the solar partner who you choose has high standards and is well-trained in all procedures.

Luminous’ certified solar partners are spread out across India and help their customers install customized Luminous solutions under the brand’s standard procedures. As one of the leaders in the Indian battery and inverter industry, only the highest quality products are installed.