What is the best eyeshadow for every eye color

The days of only having brown or black eyeshadows to choose from are over. With over 30 minerals eye shadow colors, you can create any look you desire. With so many options available, it can be hard to select the perfect eye shadow. We’re going to take the guesswork out of how to create an eye-catching makeup look. Follow our simple guidelines. You can choose the right eye makeup color by using a color wheel. Choose a color that is opposite the wheel, as the contracting colors will bring attention to your eye. Using eye shadows with texture is also a good idea. The metallic or shimmery finish will mimic the flecks of color in your eyes. After you’ve learned the basics, continue reading to discover what shades of makeup will work best with your eye color.

Makeup & Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most versatile color for women. You can, therefore, wear any eye color. What is the best eyeshadow color for brown eyes.?Try deep purples or bronzy golds to bring out your eyes’ clarity. Try mossy eye shadow to make brown eyes appear lighter. Choose eye makeup with cool shades like silver or charcoal for eyes that sparkle. Add a little black to your look for a bit of drama. If you have dark brown eye color, add a touch of black eyeshadow to your crease.

Makeup & Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

Orange is the opposite color of blue in the color wheel. If you have blue eyes, opt for eye shadows that are rich brown or terracotta. Gold, bronze, or shimmery champagne will also bring out your gold eyes. Black eyeliner can look harsh on blue-eyed beauties because of your lighter skin tone. Try brown or bronze eyeliner to get the same sultry effect while complementing your skin tone.

Makeup and eyeshadow For Green &and hazel eyes

What eyeshadow color is best for green-eyed people? What makeup looks are best for hazel-eyed people? Red is the opposite color on the wheel if you have hazel or green eyes. We recommend eye shadows that are in tink or darker shades with reddish undertones, such as bronze, mahogany, and rust. If you want to make your green or gold eyes pop, try using an eggplant-colored eye shadow. To match your blue-eyed sisters’ look, swap your black eyeliner with a less harsh color like silver, charcoal, or purple

The Best Eye Makeup: Practice Makes Perfect

Do you need help choosing which eye shadow shade will suit you best? With our Virtual Tester, you can virtually try out all of our products. Makeup Room tool. Check out our blog post on How to prevent your eyeshadow from creasingShare your eye makeup pictures with us via Instagram once you have chosen the perfect shade to bring out your eyes. Make sure to tag @janeiredale and #BeautyWithBrilliance.