What is eye primer & how do I apply it

Face primer makes your makeup last longer and goes on more smoothly. Did you know that you should also use an eye primer? Read on to learn more about our favorite eye primer and how it should be used.

What is eye primer?

A primer for the eyes is similar to a primer used on your face. It improves the texture of your skin, making eye makeup easier to apply and lasting longer. Eyelid primer also keeps eyeshadow in place, preventing it from creasing. ( Fun Fact: Smooth Affair For Eyes This versatile eye shadow can be worn alone or as a primer to other eye shadows.

Who can use eye primer?

Eye primer is for everyone! These eye primers are suitable for all skin tones, textures, and types.

How do I apply primer to my eyes?

Smooth Affair Eye Shadow Primer can be applied in two different ways: with a camouflage blending brush or by using your fingers. This quick tutorial will show you how to apply the product.

Smooth Affair Eyes Primer: When Should I Use It?

Apply eyeshadow as a base if you wish to use it.

Apply it alone if you want a long-lasting eyelid color but don’t like eye shadow.

If you have deep-set eyes, oilier skin, or skin which perspires often.

Primer is the perfect solution when you want your eyeshadow to last all day. Primer is that extra something to help your eyeshadow last.

If your eyeshadow doesn’t look as vibrant on your eyelid as it does in the compact or pot, use an eye primer.