Use these effective makeup tips to make your eyeshadow look brighter.

We have repeated this before and will repeat: well-defined eyes are key to flawless makeup looks. This is why we have created this blog to share makeup tips that will make your eyeshadows pop. We’ve all seen pictures of models sporting vibrant eyeshadows, and we have all fallen in love with them. It is not easy to achieve such stunning looks. We tried many shades to find the right hues to make your eyes stand out and appear brighter. We also found ways to make your eyeshadows look as intense as the ones in the palette. Please scroll up to see all of our easy but effective makeup hacks.

Makeup tips to make bright eyes:

How do you get the perfect bright eyeshadow colour? It’s not a secret! Here are some tips to help you achieve the look you want. These tips will help you confidently apply eyeshadow to your eyes, regardless of brand, texture, or finish.

Eye Primer:

While most people focus on the final result of eye makeup, many forget to use an eye primer. Eyeshadow primers can be used as a multipurpose product. Eye primers are not intended to increase the longevity of eyeshadows. Eye primers add vibrancy and colour to your eyeshadows. They also make the colour pop on your eyelids.

There are many options for eye primers. You can pick a skin tone to even out eyelid pigmentation and make the eyeshadow stand out. Eyeshadows appear more vibrant if applied to a white or pale primer.

Eyeshadow Base

An eye shadow base is a popular way to make eyeshadows look brighter and more vibrant. The eyeshadow base formula is very different from an eye primer. It is thick and creamy in texture. Bright eye shadow bases help to intensify the colour and make the eyeshadow stick to your eyelids. Use your fingers to apply the eyeshadow base. This allows for easy spreading. Makeup artists apply an eye primer first, then use an eyeshadow base.

Use this white eye pencil:

You can use eye pencils as a base to make your eyeshadows. This trick is great for those who don’t have an eye primer or eyeshadow base or are tight on budget. You can easily replace your eyeshadow primer with white eye pencils. The eyeshadows stick to them better because they are usually made from a creamy formula. They also increase the colour intensity of eyeshadows because they are opaque. Cover your entire eyelid with a white eye pencil to make the eyeliner work as a base. You will notice a brighter colour on your eyelids if you apply your eyeshadow to them.

Black Eye Pencil:

The black eye pencil works just like the white one to highlight the eyeshadow’s vibrancy. It is important to use it only as a base for darker, more intense eyeshadows. Pale eyeshadows can cause the colour to change if it is used on a darker base, such as black. A black base makes it easy to use greens, browns, maroons, reds and blues as eyeshadow colours.


Although it may seem simple, this tip can make your eyeshadows look brighter. To instantly make your eyeshadow pop, layer it twice.

You can get it:

To make my eyeshadows look brighter and more vibrant, my favourite trick is to use a makeup setting spray or water to moisten my brush. Remove excess water from your eyeshadow brush and wet it with water. Then, gently pat the brush over a piece of tissue paper. Don’t wet your brush with too much water. This will cause your eyeshadows to run off your eyelids. To pick up the product, it should be slightly damp. Instantly you will notice a brighter, more intense pigmentation.


Your concealer can be used as a base before applying your eyeshadows if you have normal-sized eyelids. It is a very creamy concealer that tints in skin colour and acts as a base for your eyelids. This concealer helps adhere the eyeshadows better on your eyelids and evens your pigmentation, giving you a brighter and more intense colour.

Eye makeup that stands out is vital. Eyeshadow is a key product to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Your eyeshadow should be bright enough to highlight your eyes and compliment your overall look. These makeup tips will help you make your eyeshadows brighter. These tips can create an artistic effect by combining two or more colours. This will make each colour stand out and bring out the best in your eyes. These tips will help you create looks that speak for yourself.