The Skincare Makeup System: Origins of The Ultimate Skin-Loving Foundation Makeup Kit

Skin. The largest organ in our body, and, if studies are according to the research, it is among the first things that we observe the most about each other. According to research, we lived inside caves, and we required signals to select healthy partners so that we could have healthy children in the world. Skin health was a crucial sign. There is nothing new!

How would healthy skin appear? Clean and moist with a shimmery matte is my definition. I requested my husband to create his own, and all he could think of was “moist.” (Glad he didn’t mention wrinkles!) Luckily for us, unlike our prehistoric ancestors, we don’t need the privilege of being born with clear and moist skin that has a shimmery matte; we can achieve it by using makeup that has benefits for skincare. This is the way that the Jane Iredale skincare makeup system was created.

What Is the Skincare Makeup System? The Origins of the Perfect Trio

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

It wasn’t in a single day. The first item I applied on women’s faces at spas, medical clinics, trade shows, and all in between was PurePressed, our beloved mineral powder – an eyeshadow, foundation concealer, sunscreen, and foundation in one. I would advise women to apply the moisturizer prior to applying the minerals, which would stick to their skin and provide more uniform coverage. I was frequently asked to tell if we were using an oil-based moisturizer. I’ll get to that later.

I was still figuring out the possibilities and advantages of PurePressed Base, which was made without synthetics and fillers, and I, therefore, took note of how my skin looked throughout the wear. Because the minerals had concentrated pigments, it didn’t take long to get the appearance of flawless skin. Apply them to the skin to look perfect. It looked as if it was skin, no matter the amount of makeup applied. Due to the shape and overlap of the mineral particles, they absorbed less normal makeup and remained on the skin for longer. I saw a vivid instance of this when I went to the Soap Opera set, making use of our makeup for actors. The makeup artists were seated on their feet within the control area content because they were not running out onto the stage to touch up their makeup every few minutes. They were literally cheering when I entered.

Pommisst Hydration Spray

What I also observed concerning the mineral was that after a time, they would start to begin to set themselves. What I mean by this is that when they were mixed with the natural moisture of the skin, they appeared better and more beautiful. There was no sign of a powdery appearance, and it gradually looked more like flawless skin. As I was completing my makeup, I wanted to show women how beautiful they looked without having to wait for it to happen naturally. This is when Hydration sprays were created. A little drizzle over the minerals sets the perfect tone, as well as giving your skin that sought-after “moist” look. It was evident that this scent added a smile to the face of the woman. A lovely scent can make you smile, such as the pomegranate. Since the day we put our first bottle of Pommisst hydration spray, it hasn’t stopped being one of our bestsellers.

Smooth Affair Brightening Face Primer

So, now that there’s PurePressed Base and Pommisst, what is the moisturizer? Moisturizers can be a little like mascaras. Each woman has her own needs and has a distinct point of perspective. It is not a product that is universally applicable. The best solution was to create an item that could be a primer. It’s a bit like our Lash Conditioner, which primes your lashes prior to applying the mascara you want to use. A primer that can be used with or without an oil-based moisturizer beneath it.

Naturally, it needed to be beneficial to the skin, allowing it to breathe in order to perform normally. It also needed to be like a light touch and not greasy, avoid loss of moisture, and provide a smooth surface to which minerals can be able to adhere. This was a challenging formulating process but one that we resolved by using Smooth Affair brightening face primer. I am amazed by this product. I love how it feels, how it smells, and the ability to wear it on its own and frequently wear it. It is calming on the skin and does not fail to benefit me.

We now are armed with the Skincare Makeup System, and what a formidable trio they’ve been. They’ve introduced millions of women from all over the world to the benefits of smooth, clear skin that has a youthful, matte shine. Our grandparents would be very proud.