The 4 surprising benefits of oily skin

When you have to dig for blotting paper or powder your nose every couple of hours, oily skin may not seem so great. Oily skin is not just about breakouts and mattifying creams. Oily skin has many benefits, including increased resiliency as well as vvitamin Eproduction.

The skin of oily people is typically thicker and shinier.

SeActive sebaceous glandsay be able to help smooth the skin. Sebaceous cells can be overproduced, large o,r in abundance by people with oilier skin. This can lead to a thicker dermis (the inner layer of skin), which can make your skin more resistant in the areas where deep lines are most likely to form.

Sun protection is more effective for oily skin.

Vitamin E is found in the oil produced by your skin. It acts as a natural sunblock and antioxidant, fighting free radicals. Vitamin E can be used as a supplement to sunscreen, not a replacement. It is able to absorb some UV rays but not all. Vitamin E can also be anti-inflammatory. You may find that your skin is better able to withstand the elements. Apply a sunscreen that is suitable for ooily skinbefore exposing yourself to the sun’s rays.

Oily skin is resistant to wrinkles.

You’ll notice that your friends with dry skin will reach for a lot of emollients to prevent fine lines from appearing. Does having the opposite skin type make you less likely to develop wrinkles? Researchers found that wrinkles were shorter and deeper in areas where sebaceous cells produce oil. This doesn’t excuse you from wrinkle prevention. Researchers aren’t convinced that oiliness is the only factor in preventing wrinkles. Choose a moisturizer that is formulated for oily or combination skin, nstead of avoiding an antiaging routine.

Skin care products for oily skin should be used in smaller quantities.

You’ll save money on products if you use dabs rather than slathering. DrDry-skinnedeople often have to reapply moisturizers and other products constantly in order to soothe irritated or pdehydratedskin. Oily skin products are meant to be applied lightly. A few drops of moisturizer or oil-free makeup, nd enough cleansing will keep your skin balanced.