Shampoo and Conditioner

Deep conditioners and hair masks are excellent for treating damaged or dry hair. Hair masks use ingredients such as oils, waxes, and emulsifiers to reach the root of the problem and fix it. Most hair masks should be applied from the source to the tip. After that, rinse thoroughly. These are some DIY hair masks.

There are many great options for those who need more time to make their hair masks at home. For example, take our Length Repairing Hair Mask. The miracle mask can transform damaged or dry hair into silky locks with jojoba oil and Caryocar Brasiliense oil. Like all of our Wetline products, this mask is paraben and sulfate free, making it safe for color-treated hair. It also is cruelty-free and certified vegan, so you can feel good knowing it’s an environmentally-friendly addition to your hair care routine.

Avoid the standard error of only washing out half the conditioner. Although we all love the silky smooth feel conditioners give to our hair, they can lead to hair weighing down.

Hair oils and hair serums

Hair oil is essential for anyone with hair problems. These oils can smoothen frizz, increase growth, give hair a polished, glossy look, and promote shine. Our five favorite oils will help you choose the right hair type. Hair oil should be used on dry or nearly dry hair. Here’s a fun tip. If your hair is dehydrated, apply hair oil from the middle of the shaft to the ends before washing it. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t get even drier when shampooing.

Our Luminous shine Hair Oil will give you all the benefits of the oil. This oil is fast-absorbing and can be applied to hair to moisturize, strengthen, detangle, and strengthen it. It will also make your hair feel soft and silky. This vegan-certified oil has an ingredient that will help you no matter your hair problems. Coconut oil reduces protein loss; avocado oil gives deep moisture, and Caryocar Brasiliense oil fights frizziness. Apply the oil evenly to your hair, avoiding the scalp. You will need more oil if your hair is thicker than usual.

Dry Shampoo

This product is essential for every girl who travels. Dry shampoo is available in spray or powder form and absorbs excess oil at the hair’s roots. Do you need more time? It’s easy! Simply rub dry shampoo on oily areas and watch your hair change. To make your hair look better, you shouldn’t wash it too often (see tip #2). If you don’t have dry shampoo, you can use baby powder (hack #3) to achieve similar results. Dry shampoo removes excess oil and gives your hair extra lift. Dry shampoo is not meant to be used in place of washing your hair. It should only be used for two days.

Hair pomade / Wax

Pomade or hair wax is excellent for adding texture and smooth flyaways to your hair. It also gives you extra hold for more intricate styles. This is what Mimi uses to create intricate braids. It’s hair wax! To give your hair extra shine and hold, you can mix hair oil and hair wax. You can see it in action in this video:

Hair mousse

Do you love VOLUME in hair? This one is for you if you answered yes! Hair mousse can give your hair extra shine and lift. Use your fingers to apply the mousse to towel-dried hair before blow drying. Watch your hair become vibrant! There are many options for hair mousse, from styling mousse to volumizing mousse. Mousse can be used to give curly hair a defined look. Watch this video to learn how to style curly hair using mousse .