We all know that primers are makeup heroes. They keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. The primer is more than just a makeup fixer.

Primer is your best friend if you have skin problems like large pores, melting makeup, or skin reddening. Primers are great for a variety of beauty issues. These primer hacks will make your beauty routine a breeze!

Eyeshadow fallouts can cause eye makeup problems and make cleaning difficult. Primer can come to your rescue. To restore perfect skin, remove any shadows with a powder brush. Next, apply primer to the face using a foundation brush.

Boost your lashes

We all want thicker, longer lashes. However, mascara by itself will not give us the desired result. Apply a little primer to your lashes before you apply mascara. This will help you cover your sparse lashes while giving you an extension effect.

Reduce hair flyaways and frizz

Are your hair frizzy because of humidity? Don’t worry. There is primer that can save you. Use primer to smoothen problem areas by rubbing it between your fingers.

Make your eyeshadows more natural

Cream eyeshadows last longer than powder ones. They blend well, are easy to apply, and have very little fallouts. You don’t need a cream palette to use them. To make your primer creamier, mix it with powder eyeshadows.

Revive dried out gel eyeliner

Dry eyeliner can be difficult to apply and leave a patchy look. To revive your gel eyeliner, add a little primer to the tub. Mix it well.

How to choose the right primer for your skin type and purpose

Primer for combination oily skin

We recommend the Lakme Absolute Blur Matte Face Primer for oily and combination skin types. It creates the perfect foundation for makeup, hides imperfections, and makes it last longer. The matte texture makes it waterproof and can be used to create a flawless, even complexion without looking shiny.

Primer for dry skin

A transparent gel texture of

Lakme Absolute Primer Undercover Gel

Vitamin E moisturizes and blends easily, giving you a smooth, even skin tone and a long-lasting hold on makeup.Shop Products

Primer for large pores

We recommend the Lakme Absolute glow primer if you want to reduce large pores. It blends seamlessly, is easy to apply, lasts longer and gives you a highlighter-like glow thanks to luminescent pearls.