Ice Pick Scars: Causes, Home Remedies & Treatment Options

Ice pick scars can be a type of acne scar that forms small, deep, or narrow holes in the skin. They are often considered ugly, and people want to learn how to remove them. These scars cannot be removed but can be improved.

Acne can be difficult to treat. Acne can leave scars on the skin. Icepick scars can be caused by severe acne. We will discuss the various treatments available to treat icepick scars.

What are Ice Pick Scars?

The most common type of acne scar is the ice pick scar.

These usually form a “V” shape and look like someone punched holes in your skin using a sharp object such as an icepick. They can cause deep and tiny holes in your skin. Some may even appear to have larger pores.

These scars can extend into the dermis and are difficult to treat. What causes these scars? Learn more in the next section.

How do Ice Pick Scars Form?

Deep cysts and pimples can lead to severe acne.

Ice pick scarring is mainly determined by two factors: the state of your skin’s healing and inflammation. As we know, scarring is more common if inflammation extends deeper into the skin. Scarring can also be caused by picking at acne before it heals.

Therefore, it is important to avoid picking or squeezing acne. It should be treated immediately to prevent scarring. If you still have icepick scars, various ways to reduce them so your skin looks smoother.

There are many ways to improve the appearance of icepick scars

These treatment options are discussed by dermatologists who will help you choose the best option for your skin. Each treatment option has its pros and cons. Before you go under the needles, discuss these with your doctor. A dermatologist might use one treatment or combine several to achieve the best results.

Punch Excision

This method involves cutting the icepick scar with a circular tool. The wound is then closed from all sides. A flat scar replaces the icepick scar. This technique will create a linear scar that is less visible and much smaller than the icepick scar.

Punch Replacement Grafting Or Punch Grafting

This method fills the icepick scar with skin from any body part. This is similar to skin transplantation and is the best way to improve the appearance of icepick scars. Multiple replacement grafts may be required (often 20 or more).

Punch Elevation

This combination of punch excision, punch grafting and punch severing is called punch grafting. This involves removing the scar tissue’s centre and elevating it to match the bordering tissue. This will make the scar appear flat. This technique is most commonly used to create scars from boxcars. This can be used for boxcar scars, but the doctor might also use it to treat icepick scars.


The dermatologist will use a special abrasive instrument to remove the scar tissue. To remove the epidermis, the device is moved across your skin. The ice pick scars become less prominent as the skin layer is removed. For significant improvement, multiple sessions are required. You should continue to attend follow-up sessions.


This is also a skin-resurfacing treatment similar to dermabrasion. The dermatologist rubs your skin with a small, diamond-tipped tool. The upper layer of your skin is removed, which makes scarrings less obvious. This is often used in conjunction with punch excision or other scar-minimizing treatments.


This method uses a small tool to make multiple small scars (or holes). This is done to increase collagen production to heal the wound. The scar will shrink once the wound heals. This treatment is best done in multiple sessions.