How-To Halloween: Medusa

Medusa is a Greek monster who was described with snakes growing out of her head. Her fierce, terrifying gaze could turn anyone into stone. It’s easy to create this stormy look! You only need a few cosmetics, some fishnet stockings, and a few small plastic snakes.

Apply a liquid foundation to your face first. This will help you even out the tone of your skin and provide a solid foundation for your rest of your makeup. Then, use glo mineral Luxe Liquid Foundation Almond. Fill in your eyebrows using a pencil one or two shades darker than the natural color. If you want, you can draw new shapes or overextend your brows. A strong brow can help frame your face, making you look powerful and intimidating.

Use a primer before applying eye makeup to keep colors on your eyes all night. We love jane iredale Lid Primer. After priming your eyes, take a black eyeshadow, such as the darkest shade of Jane-Iredalee Triple Eye Shadows Silver Lining, and use it to draw a straight line from the corner of the eye to your hairline. Blend the line under your eye and on your eyelid to match a smoky effect. Take a gold shimmer eyeshadow, such as Jane Iredale 24K Dust Gold and apply it to your entire lid.

Line the inner corner of your eye with a green gel liner like Jane iredale Jelly Jar Gel EyeIredaleUse a black eyeliner there-iredaleedale Eye Pencil Basic Black to line the rest of the eyes. Finish off with two coats your favorite volumizing mascara. We use Glo Minerals Lash Boosting Mascara.

Use a soft brush to apply gold eyeshadow on top of the fishnet stocking. This will create the scales of Medusa. Continue this technique over your entire hairline for a bolder look. Top off your makeup with a soft peach blush applied to the apples of your cheeks and a matte lipstick such as Glo Minerals GloLipstick Blush.

It’s now time to make Medusa’s famous snakes! Ours were purchased at a party store. Braid sections of hair, then pull them all up into a loose, high-up do. The more textures and braids you have, the more snakes will be in your hair! The heads of the snakes should frame your face as you loop them through your hair. Fit as many as possible–Halloween is only once a year.

Choose an outfit in green, gold, or black, and prepare to make your friend’s stone.

Are you going to perfect your most menacing gaze for this Medusa Look? Tell us in the comments.