Fourth of July Makeup: Inspired by fireworks

We’ve created an eye look that is super simple to celebrate the Fourth of July. The pinks, golds, and inspired turquoise in the night sky. Instead of the traditional red, white, and blue outfits for your Fourth of July celebrations, create this “sparkler” or eye look to go out with a bang!

This Fourth of July make-up can be achieved in just five minutes. We will be using the Water Colour High-Intensity Shadows, Amethyst, Azure, and Topaz for the look. These shimmering loose shadows are infused with green tea extract and vitamins A, C, and E, as well as a goji-berry blend. They will not crease, and they contain antioxidants. You’ll not only get a high-color payoff but also nourish your eye area. Win!

Apply Primer and Eyeshadow with Customized Kaboom

Do not be intimidated by the intense eye shimmers. The look is foolproof and will never be the same. If you love one of these colors, play it up and make it the base color. You can go as far as you want and still get a stunning firework effect.

Use Jane Iredale’s smooth Affair to prime your eyes. The pigment will stand out better and remain in place. Use a flat shader like Jane Iredale’s eye shader brush or your clean finger to pat the shade Topaz across the entire lid lightly. Don’t pat the shadow too high above the crease, but don’t be too neat.

You can use the Jane Iredale Crease Brush after applying your eyeshadow to smooth out any sharp lines.

All-American Finale: Apply Mascara and Eyeliner

Add a pop of blue to your look by adding a thin line of Youthblood Extreme Pigment eye pencil Blue Suede along the top lash line. It can be applied to the outer third on the bottom lashline. Next, apply your favorite mascara to the top and bottom lashes (we used Jane Iredale Black Onyx PureLash Original Mascara). You’re ready to celebrate!