Find out what your nails can tell you about your health

The color and texture of your nails can reveal a lot about your overall health. Many conditions, from anemia to cardiovascular disease, can cause irregularities and weakness in your manicure. Continue reading to learn what your nails are telling you and how you can make them stronger and longer.

It’s important to know the characteristics of healthy nails before you start looking for abnormalities. Healthy nails have a light pink color and a slightly curled plate. The plate should be flat and smooth, with no ridges or spots visible. The base of the fingernail should have a white crescent-shaped shape. Cuticles should not be inflamed, ragged, or inflamed.

Remember that nails aren’t the only thing that determines your health. A certain irregularity doesn’t necessarily indicate a health issue. It’s best to consult your dermatologist if you have any questions about your nails. They can determine the root cause of your problem and recommend the best treatment for you. These are the most common nail problems.

Vertical Ridges

The ridges on the fingernail are vertical indentations that extend from the base of the nail to the tip. You may need to place the pin under a light source to be able to see them. It is hard to pinpoint the exact cause, but a lack of nutrients may be the culprit. Some people also notice that the ridges become more prominent as they age. This could be due to a decrease in cell turnover.

Horizontal Ridges

Vertical ridges can be benign and are more of an aesthetic nuisance than anything else. Horizontal ridges or Beau’s lines could be telling a different tale. Beau’s Lines can appear as a result of a fingernail fracture or a serious illness. These lines could be caused by malnutrition, diabetes, or circulatory disease. They may also occur after a heart attack.

Yellow Nails

Environmental and health factors can cause yellow nails. Yellow nails can be caused by polishing often, especially in dark shades. Yellow nails can also be caused by smoking, nail fungus, or psoriasis. Fungus is responsible for around 50% of nail discoloration. It can be difficult to treat and persistent. You should consult a doctor if you notice yellowing of your nails, especially at the corners.

White Nails

If your nails are white or pale, with a darker band at the tip, this could be an indication of anemia or iron deficiency. Low oxygen levels in the blood can cause tissue to become pale, especially under the nails. Pale nails can also be a sign of liver or diabetes.

Blue Nails

Blue nails, like blue skin or lips, can be an indication of a lack of oxygen. A respiratory or cardiovascular disease could also cause them. Blue nails are common in individuals who have been outside in the winter. This is because excessively cold temperatures can cause blood circulation to slow down. This is not a cause for alarm, and it’s a very common thing to happen. Blue nails that are persistently present could be a sign of underlying issues and should not go unnoticed.

Weak and Brittle Nails

It can be hard to determine the exact cause of brittle nails. They may chip, peel, or break easily. The natural aging process can cause weak, brittle nails. Other common causes include too much exposure to chemicals from frequent manicures and acrylic application, including constant home polishing. Hypothyroidism can slow down the growth of nails and lead to weakness. Nail plates can also separate from their bed.

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