Filling in thin eyebrows is easy with these 5 steps

How can you fill in thin brows? Here’s an overview of our favorite eyebrow enhancers and what they can achieve for your arches.

The Brow Pencil

You can use a brow pen to fill in and shape thick eyebrows. Use short upward strokes to simulate the appearance of hairs. Blend with the Jane Iredale Premium Spoolie Brush. You can also keep brow pencils in your bag to touch up quickly.

We love the Youngblood Brow Artiste Sculpting pencil because of its angled shape. It makes it easy to create a multi-dimensional and natural look. The pencil has a built-in spoolie, which is great for traveling.

The Brow Gel

Brow gels are multi-purpose. The tinted brow gel can be used to enhance the natural color of hairs or to cover graying hairs. While the clear brow gel acts like hair gel, it helps tame and shape unruly eyebrows.

Try Glo Minerals Brow Gel. This nourishing formula enhances eyebrows and provides antioxidant protection. It contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as green tea extract.

Brow Powder

You’ll like brow powder if your eyebrows are sparse. Powder is a great alternative to gels or liquids that can appear painted on when there aren’t enough brow hairs to adhere to. It also helps to achieve a natural, soft finish. You can experiment with balayage or layering multiple shades of color to create your unique look.

The SUMITA Duo Brow Powder comes in two shades to ensure you get the perfect match for your eyebrows. The silky powder blends seamlessly to create a full, shapely look that lasts.

The Brow Wax

All types of eyebrows can benefit from brow waxes. A brow wax, whether clear or tinted, can give you a super-sculpted evening look. You can achieve subtle definition in the daytime by applying it lightly.

We recommend Youngblood Brow ARTISTE Wax. This aloe-infused wax with a universal tint helps to tame unruly eyebrows and keep their shape. Grape seed oil provides antioxidant protection.