Benefit Cosmetics is the go-to brand for girly girls.

Benefit Cosmetics is the only cosmetics company that’s playful and fun. Benefit has been my favorite cosmetics brand for a very long time. I grew in the Marina/Cow Hollow area of San Francisco and have fond memories of going into the Benefit Cosmetics shop on Chestnut street to get my eyebrows waxed. In this store, I organized my first Benefit cosmetics and had my makeup done at my high school prom.

Benefit’s products are so fun and pretty. The packaging is the girly girl’s dream. Benefit Cosmetics is the cosmetics company I would choose if I were to pick one that has a girly-girl factor similar to Kate Spade New York, under Deborah Llyod.

They have great products for a natural look. It’s fun to try out crazy makeup looks, but if you want a professional look or a casual, off-duty appearance, then you need products that are effective without being over the top. Benefit’s eyebrow products are great for creating this look.

I have always admired Benefit, a San Francisco-based company that is known for its charitable work. I was an intern at Dress For Success, San Francisco. I helped with the annual Gala, and Benefit was a generous sponsor.

For all these reasons, I still hold Benefit in high regard. Here are some of their products that I use and love.