Nail polish mistakes and how to fix them

You’re probably not new to manicures. Painting your nails is perhaps a regular activity. Did you know that skimping on some steps can ruin all of your hard work and effort? Learn more about nail polish mistakes.

Cut your cuticles

The nail is not benefited by trimming or cutting the cuticles. It’s harmful to your pin. This small skin area protects your nails against infection. This skin protects your nails from bacteria and fungus. Cuticle trimming or cutting can lead to disease and damage to your nails.

File your nails with a back-and-forth motion.

The movement of a nail file over the nail can cause small tears and splits, which, over time, may lead to bigger cracks and peeling. File your nails in a single direction until you get the desired shape. Your nails will thank you for the extra time.

How to clean your dirty nails

You may be tempted to apply lotion or cuticle oil to your hands prior to adding polish. Any moisture, oil, or leftover polish can prevent your new polish from adhering. For best results, it is important to prepare the surface of your nails. After applying hand lotion, swipe each nail with a polish remover such as Zoya 3-in-1 Polish Removal to get rid of any leftovers.

Do not use a basecoat.

Base coats have two main benefits: they prevent nail discoloration, and they extend the life of your manicure. This bottom layer, similar to primer applied before foundation, smooths out the nail surface to allow polish to adhere better to your nails. Base coats seal the natural oils in your nails that keep polishes from sticking. This prevents pigments from yellowing your natural nails. Try one that contains protein, like Essie Protein Base Coat. This will strengthen your nails.

Shaking the bottle of polish

Shaking the bottle could be to blame if you see bubbles whenever you apply polish. Shaking the bottle traps air, which can cause bubbles to form. When you dip your brush in the bottle, the same thing happens. If the polish separates from the bottle, you can roll it in your hand. It’s also important not to pump the brush into the bottle, just like you would with mascara.

How to apply thick coats of polish

Be prepared to deal if you have too many polishes on your brush. You may end up with bubbles, smudges, and even nicks. The class will take longer to dry, and it is more likely to peel if you use thicker layers. You can steal the technique of the pros if you apply polish with heavy hands. Dip your brush in the polish and wipe the side that is on the bottle. Apply the polish with three short strokes. First, down the middle of the nail, then down both sides. Wait two minutes, and then apply a second coat.

Do not use a topcoat.

You don’t want your manicure to start chipping a few days after you have applied it. Top coats seal in nail polish and give your nails a signature shine. There are several options for quick-drying nail polishes if you don’t have much time. Slow-setting top coats will provide you with a more durable finish if you have the time. We recommend Zoya Armor top coat / UV block, which gives your polish a high-gloss shine and protects it from yellowing ultraviolet rays.

How to dry your nails with UV light

UV lamps are not worth the time they save. Women exposed to UV lamps are more likely than others to develop skin cancers, particularly on their hands or feet. This is especially true if the women have had a previous history of skin cancer. You can dry your manicure using a fan instead of exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays. Or, you can relax and let your nail polish dry naturally.

Washing the dishes or taking a shower immediately after polishing

Consider this before you polish your nails and jump into a warm tub. It’s best to wait before dipping your hands into hot water. Hot water will separate the polish from your pin and cause it to chip. The heat and steam generated by the shower or dishes washing can also cause the new polish to bubble up or smear. Wearing gloves when washing dishes or lowering the temperature of the shower will help protect your manicure.

How to pick up chipped polish

It is a mistake to pick at a chipped polish. This bad habit can remove the top layer from your nail bed and lead to weaker, brittle nails with time. Remove your entire manicure using nail polish remover instead of chiseling at the chipped polish. Choose pre-moistened towels like Take It Off Soy Base Nail Lacquer Removal Sheets for quick removal.