Makeup for a Cracked Doll Halloween look using everyday products

We don’t blame anyone tired of the same Halloween costumes being worn every year. Try giving an old Halloween costume a spooky facelift this year. Jenna, LovelySkin’s Graphic Designer, shows you how to create a cracked-doll look in today’s Halloween makeup tutorial. Follow along, and then give it a try on your own.

Apply doll-like makeup before you start creating your cracked look. Start by applying a foundation that’s a few shades lighter in tone than your skin. Cover your lips, your neck, and your ears. Jenna uses PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation in this video.

You can create a doll-like look for your eyes by making them larger than normal. Using black eyeliner like Mirabella Magic Marker Eyeliner Black, line your upper lashline. Draw a thick white line on your bottom lid that extends past your normal lashline. Jenna uses Jane Iredale’s eye pencil, White. To create the illusion that your eyes are bigger, outline the white line using black eyeliner. Two coats of mascara or false lashes can be used to finish off your eyes. We chose Jane Iredale, The Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara for this look.

Use bright pink lipstick and exaggerate Cupid’s Bow to create doll lips. Draw the heart shape on your remaining lipstick. Jenna uses Youngblood Lipstick Just Pink in this video.

Then, apply pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. You can exaggerate the blushing as much as desired because most dolls have this feature. This tutorial uses GloBlush Papaya from Glo Minerals.

The fun part is here! Create your cracked design using a black liquid liner. As you work on this step, think of how glass breaks in one place and then branches out. Draw the main crack on your face, then branch out smaller apertures from that spot to give it a realistic appearance. To provide it with even more definition, you can highlight each damage using a white liner.